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Unappreciated Perks of Hotel Rooms

When traveling though hotel rooms must only be used to store your belongings and for Rest & freshening up, you do expect some more than a decent treatment by your hotel services after all you are paying hefty amount for that few peaceful hours that you spend in there, and also those are the only times you will be resting through the trips.

Here, are some of the underrated things about hotels, which we are sure you will agree with us for.


The first thing we all do once we enter our hotel rooms is to rush over to the window to look what view we are granted with, and as we glide those curtains aside we discover its not a window but a doorway to the attached balcony With The View. It is such a pleasure to share a cup or two of tea & coffee with your room-mate at the balcony enjoying the early morning sun and little chill to laze in before carrying forward your journey.

Quiet Roomspeach-and-quiet-room1

It’s vital for us to get a decent night’s rest and in some cases that implies finding an inn on a peaceful side road or in an isolates (verging on destroy) some portion of town. Yet, when we need to be in the center of the activities and have a peaceful room, it just means we have to do somewhat additional exploration to discover hotels with soundproofed rooms. Ahh, we’re napping off simply pondering it! The Hotels that might be in neighborhoods that are clamoring ’round the clock, however soundproofed windows keep them pleasant and calm.

in-room-technology-211Well-Positioned Power points

“Why can’t outlets be at eye level,” Seinfeld maker Larry David said in the film, Clear History. “What, are they like privates … we need to conceal them; why are we concealing outlets?” Many a late night has been spent on hand and knee moving bedheads, work areas and pulling on lampwires to find the tricky hotel powerpoint. So it’s a relief when new or revamped hotel positions them in clear view (inexhaustibly), and shockingly better when there’s a general adapter and USB outlet. Hotels with more than four near to bed outlets, like two on each sides of bed, two near the television set and two at dresser and last one in bathroom.

Designer toiletries

When you’re traveling you need to feel like you’re being spoiled at times, specially in your hotel rooms and it’s pleasant to appreciate things you wouldn’t ordinarily rampage spend on at home. So overlook the L’Oreal! Some of our most loved hotels include designer toiletries in their bathrooms, making even your shower encounter feel additional extraordinary.

Room Lighting

There is nothing worse than a gorgeous hotel room, immaculately designed, undone by bad lighting – by glaring overhead lights or misplaced lamps that one must turn on manually. This is why a hotel room with in-built lighting schemes is a revelation: You press a button, and the entire room reconfigures to “evening mode”.

With this all being said, don’t waste your voyage over the luxuries of room services, go out and enjoy what the place has to provide, be the cities hustle, enjoy the authenticity of the place.

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