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Reasons to make McLeod Ganj your next Travel Destination

An ever changing culture, strong traditional beliefs and undeniable charm have made McLeod Ganj one of the most popular hill stations in India. With something for everyone, McLeod Ganj welcomes you in its own little world with open arms. Here are some reasons why the Land of the Lama must be visited. McLeod Ganj is a suburb of Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India

The mountainous terrain of McLeod Ganj is unlike most hill stations in India. If you are a foodie, McLeod Ganj is heaven for you. The abode of Tibetan culture, McLeod Ganj is almost the Buddhist capital of India. With its majestic monasteries, the town is home to the Dalai Lama. A visit here is rejuvenating and spiritually enlightening.

Thus we are about to give you some solid reasons for you to make McLeod Ganj be a part of your travel list or even better you might be so enthralled by it that it will be your next destination to go to!

Tibetan Culture:-

Concentrated with Tibetan natives, McLeod Ganj sets up the best show of Tibetan traditions and conventions that interest a ton of travelers every year from in and around the globe. Ministers, nuns and Tibetan Buddhists can be typically found in the roads, strolling past you. Being the official home and sanctuary of the fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, this town pulls off the qualities of Tibetan and Buddhist craftsmanship and culture splendidly.

From traditional cuisine to religious monasteries, you can take in a considerable measure and get a genuine nearer perspective of the Tibetans and their way of life, while investing exquisite energy in McLeod Ganj. These friendly inhabitants are to a great degree inviting and will participate in letting you know whatever you wish to know from them!

Amazing Climate:-

Since quite a while the serene atmosphere of this beautiful hill station has been a vital angle that has helped it procure great measure of voyagers in practically every period of the year. Aside from the stormy season, McLeod Ganj remains ran with families and couples to the degree that having the capacity to discover a room in some great hotels turns out to be a significant extreme errand for the guests.

Sights to Behold:-

From bottom to the brim, McLeod Ganj is loaded with striking spots of interest for the foreigners and explorers who wish to go on a heartfelt excursion to some extraordinary world existing on the alluring place where there is India. Encompassed by massive slopes, this flawless destination situated in the charming state of Himachal Pradesh gives exemplary tourist spots, which can give you the best scenery for your photos that you might want to get clicked in different crazy stances.

Triund Hill, St. John in the Wilderness, Dal Lake, Tibet Museum, Tsuglagkhang Complex, Tushita Meditation Centre, Bhagsunath Temple, Bhagsu Falls and Namgyal Monastery are few of the exceptionally gorgeous tourist spots that you must explore on your visit.

Meditate Peace without Meditating:-

If your wanderlust is desperately looking forward to end up landing on some calm and tranquil land, then all you require is an exciting trip to McLeod Ganj right away! The moment you start penetrating deeper into the periphery of this heavenly town, the sensation of peace and stillness will begin to take a stronger hold of your mind and soul. Standing miles away from the hustle- bustle and fast pace of the city life, McLeod Ganj lays down the perfect platform to connect with the enchanting beauty of silence.

The localities lead an exceptionally quiet and composed life here and are appear to appreciate living in their own particular minimal world that does not spin around sprinting and rushing around, dissimilar to us. Listen to the nature’s melody and lose yourself in the quiet emanation of this town!

Fashionable Trend:-

The Silver junky jewelry and Bohemian look are their forte. The ladies of this localities are fashion goals. They carry around the colorfulness their life in their clothes vibrating the surrounding with them. The fashion trend of this town gets clearly reflected in the elegance with which women carry themselves and you definitely would be awe struck after seeing them.

Exquisitely stylish range of hand bags and clothes will compel you to try your hands on them.Modish and in trend shawls, stoles and coats implied for young ladies are effortlessly accessible here. McLeod Ganj is really a heaven for the women that jump at the chance to put a distinct fascination in road gems and valuable gemstones. Along these lines, continue demonstrating some haggling abilities and snatch the most recent design at extremely sensible cost.

Delectable Cuisine:-

In the event that you accept that the slender boulevards of this little hill station can’t offer you the taste that can impress you, then I can ensure that you will be proven wrong, once you feast in any of the nearby eateries in McLeod Ganj. Simply passing by the insignificant appearance of these confined lanes is excessively early choice to be framed in your mind.

The eateries and bistros are a storage facility of the most delicious neighborhood cooking styles being served in extremely quirky way here. Aside from Tibetan nourishment, guests can likewise get the enjoyment of Italian, Korean, Japanese and Punjabi food. Steaming hot espresso, steamed momos, soupy thupka, nectar lemon-ginger tea, hotcake, pizza and sushi rolls must be attempted once.

We do also recommend you to try out the road side thellas. After all you won’t know the local atmosphere until you do it the locals way.


One thing that you cannot miss for the world is the trek to Dharamkot. It is a trek of 9 kilometers. You can cover the first 3 kilometers by a taxi but after that you will have to be on foot. It is a rough trek of 6 kilometers. It is tiring and will definitely cause every inch of your muscle ache very hard in the end. But every bit of it is worth because of scenic beauty that you will get to see. One moment you will be under sun feeling hot and the other moment you will have chilling gush of air right in your face. One moment you might stumble on a rock and the other moment you will see the snow sparkling with the sunlight reflecting at the top of the mountains. After trekking around 3 kilometers you will reach a point that everybody called to be the “Maggie Point”. Take some rest, rejuvenate your body with some tea and then pull up your socks for the rest of the trek. Just when you reach the top your pain will vanish seeing the soothing sight of snow all around yourself. You can also stay there for the night, there are people who organize camps for the night stay.

Exquisite Handicrafts:-

The occupants of McLeod Ganj are astoundingly talented and capable in making engaging handiwork things that voyagers get a kick out of the chance to buy and take back home as a lifetime memory of this place. Flood of tourism has expanded the capability of business sectors introduce in the region, which thus has given a solid help to the pay of the nearby inhabitants.

You can continue including shocking Tibetan carpets, Thangkas, clothes, Tibetan handiwork, hand woven socks and stoles, memento for loved ones, mind boggling adornments designs, warm shawls and mufflers, good fortunes Buddha, and numerous different things to your shopping basket. massage  oils, invigorating home grown teas, fragrances candles, incense sticks, expensive gemstones, prayer wheel and prayer flags can also be brought home.

Cafes with View on the inside & Outside both:-

The moment you enter any of the cafes lined up in McLeod Ganj, you are guaranteed to be greeted with warm smile of the owner as well as the staff that is going to take care of your requirements. The striking ambiance and the entire set up of the cafés is something that you will not get to see anywhere outside this town.

You simply need to write down the order on a piece of paper given to you and wait for it to arrive in the gorgeous arrest of the aura that surrounds you! Illiterati cafe, Norling, The Chocolate Log, Seed Cafe, Hummingbird Café, Woeser Bakery, Nick’s Italian Kitchen, Namgyal Cafe, Carpe Diem, Lung Ta, and Shiva café are few of the selective eating joints that you must visit to tantalize your taste buds with unforgettable flavors of McLeod Ganj.

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