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Things to Remember before venturing into Africa

Going to Africa invokes pictures of jungles, safaris and elephants, deserts and adventures. While Africa to be sure contains every one of these components, going by South Africa is a simple decision for most Westerners since they talk a similar dialect (English) and have an assortment of cosmopolitan and cutting edge culture that adjusts the unsullied wilds. Truth be told, South Africa has a colossal scope of chances for explorers, whether you’re searching for a rugged adventure, a food and wine visit or an otherworldly affair.

Here’s all that you have to know before you go to South Africa:

  1. Vaccinations you will need


Arrange to go see a travel doctor a couple of months before you go, to make sure all your vaccinations are up to date. (Going a few months before is important as some vaccinations need follow ups and they can only be done 4 weeks after the first injection) – so give yourself time!

The most common vaccinations recommended will be things like cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and yellow fever. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is needed to enter Sierra Leone as well as re-enter Australia – so this is a must. Malaria is also common. You’ll need to get prescription from your doctor to prevent catching this mosquito born nasty. I usually take doxycycline (once a day tablet), but there are a number of other options. Also remember to bring along precautions against insect bites including using an insect repellent (preferably one with at least 20% deet) and wear long, loose-fitting, light colored clothing.


  1. Pay Attention to your location

If you see a big, loud, angry-sounding demonstration or mob, turn the other way and keep away, no matter how curious you may be. Know where you are going – don’t wander around. In many parts of the town (in both Cape Town and Johannesburg), the good and bad neighborhoods are often one block away from each other.


  1. Be Considerate in your Dressing


Sierra Leone is freaking hot (even in winter!). Yet, it’s essential to remember that Sierra Leone is a lion’s share Muslim nation and they are very traditionalist, so simply utilize judgment skills when packing, young ladies: no miniskirts, shorts or revealing tops else you may get some undesirable consideration. It’s best to remove all your jewellery while you are there, or on the other hand don’t bring any. Not just will the children need to snatch everything and play with it, yet you may again draw in undesirable consideration if wearing or bearing anything flashy.


  1. Mobile phones and Networks


Like many other foreign countries, it will be far less expensive for you to purchase or carry a little mobile phone without any fancy odds and ends and get a nearby number, than it will be for you to utilize your own wireless, which will probably cost many dollars in extra roaming charges and expenses before you are finished. Ask at your lodging, ask your tour guide, and so forth. It won’t be the first occasion when they’ve gotten the demand.


  1. Be Open-Minded


You will be confronted with individuals living in poverty and it can be truly shocking One of the biggest shocks you will encounter is the manner by which glad and adoring the youngsters were regardless of living in outrageous poverty. It was a self-contradicting reality. There is very little you can do to get ready for how you will respond, yet remember others will most likely be encountering similar emotions.

It‘ s natural that all guide books and travel websites will need to resort to generalization when offering broad-spectrum advice. You should still be fully prepared to venture off the usual beaten track and really get into all the nooks and crannies of South Africa, feel the rhythm of the people and ‘go local‘ whenever possible. You will find them to be warm and delighted to share their corner of Africa with you (as a general rule of course!).

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