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“Kalakata Sbagata”- Welcome to Kolkata

The City that was once the Capital of India and could be called as a Synonym to Sweets, Culture, Literature and Fish. Yes, we are talking about Kolkata which resides in the Eastern part of India and was once known as Calcutta.

This Metropolitan city so much to give to you, it has something for everyone. From the spicy and unique Fish curries to the huge range of Sweets it has to offer. The art enthusiastics will love th city for all its glory.

Below are the major reasons to travel to this city

If you like the V words- (Vintage & Victorian Culture)

The city offers the old world charm that could never be seen anywhere in the country. The only city that still has Trams rolling on the roads. The Yellow Ambassador Taxis will remind you of the taxis in New York. The transport ranges from hand pulled Rickshaws to Metro and everything in between. Kolkata holds some out of the world Victorian Monuments that are breathtakingly beautiful. The city is all about being grand in everything it has to offer. Numerous big and beautiful historian temples along with India’s largest Museum, the city holds its charm in its architecture, the best example being the Howrah Bridge.


Scrumptious Food Platters

The wide range of fresh and rare Fishes available in Kolkata is just what the Non-Vegetarian and Fish lovers will have it in their heart forever.  No the does not just stops at amazing spicy sea food but also garners to the demands of sweet junkies. The people feel very seriously for their food here and does not just stops at sea food and sweets but has everything in between. Recently, the first ever Indian “FRIENDS” inspired cafe was opened in this city.

Elaborated Festive Fever

Everyone of us knows about the grand Durga Pujo that takes place in the city, there is no questioning there but the city isn’t limited to only Durga Pujo, every festival is celebrated just as grandly. In the last week of December, that being the Christmas, each and every road is decorated with the christmas decors, like star lanterns, lightnings and cakes and pastries from the city favorites like ‘Flurys’, ‘Nahoums’, ‘Kookie Jar’ etc. fly off the shelves at the bat of an eye.


Arts & Literature

Kolkata has housed some of the world famous Personalities like Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa, Subhas Chandra Bose, C.V.Raman, Swami Vivekananda, and so many more. The city as we said before is the best place for the art enthusiastic, there is so much inspiration around the city. Number of fairs and festivals are held throughout the winter. The Book fair being a stand out in all. Music, Art, Literature and Culture is a sensitive and beloved passion of the citizens of kolkata.

Best place for Photographers

Number of Photographers have proclaimed Kolkata as the best place for Street Photography, with so much art and literature in the city there is hardly any chance to question the colors of the city. The photographers have the Victorian monuments, the sea and Howrah bridge, the never-ending festivity, colors on the street and the food to capture with their camera.


Hospitality at its best rate

though Kolkata is one of the Metropolitan cities of India, its the cheapest place to live in. Everything here extremely affordable in terms of Food, Accomodation, Transport and Shopping. The people of the city go with the characteristics of it, they welcome you with open hands, and are warmest and sweetest people of the country. This will be the only city where people are judged on the basis of their minds and not with depths of their pockets.

The city along with everything above also is great sports enthusiast, be it Cricket or Football, both the sports are passionately loved by everyone. And several matches keeps taking place time to time.

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