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Top five travel trends of 2016

In today’s era, traveling is so much more than just vacations and break from regular life. In the numerous ways social media is affecting our lives, changing or molding our mindset and wishes is one of it. The daily dose of travel posts our friends, colleagues and relatives make on social media is affecting our mindsets and making us crave for the same. Daily there is a version of traveling someone is trying out there and posting about and everyone of us is keen try them all out.

As the yer nears the end, here is a list of 2016 Travel Trends.

Go local

The travelers are trying to seek more than just sightseeing spots of the location. They want to know what it feels like to be living in their travel location. They are opting for hostels and home stays against the luxuries of high-end hotels. They wanna feel and connect with the place emotionally which the visiting the famous monuments and tourist spots do not provide.

Say bye-bye to Selfies

The major reason for selfies other than the availability of front camera was “not having someone to click a picture for you” before it became the biggest trend of this generation. But even selfies cant always capture all the moments. Thus, travel agencies are now providing their customers with personal professional photographers to capture all their moments and provide them with Instagram worthy images.

Take a walk

Wellness of health is everyone’s priority, which comes from food and hygiene. Hotels have been advertising with both hygiene of rooms and food quality they have to provide to its customers. But, now hotels are also taking a step ahead and providing with fitness and distressing activities. Spa and sauna, gym, zumba, yoga and every fitness activity one can opt for. You name it and you have it. Some properties are also incorporating walking and hiking tours, with food and beverage menus being given a complete overhaul.

Travel with strangers

Travelling is all about meeting and learning from new people. Travel junkies are often seen making a trip to lesser-known places as small towns and remote villages. Backpackers and couch surfers are going out there hiking untouched mountains and tracking the desserts and camping in forests with other hippies. Its cost-efficient and you get to learn so much about various cultures and other places from where your fellow travel buddies are coming from.

Apps will do it for you

With technology progressing in its speed, we have apps for everything. Day-by-day number of travel apps are coming up. Search for it and you have it. With scores of travel apps already gushing around the market, technology will continue to unlock better touring experiences with just a tap on your phone’s screen. Travel agents are almost a thing of past now.


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