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Basic things to know before you travel to a new place

Traveling is the most exciting thing to do for most of the people. These days people are so much motivated by the concept of traveling that they forget basic pre-traveling rituals. As exciting as it sounds, to keep up to that excitement you need to make yourself ready for the place.

Never ever start your traveling, without a thorough research about the place. You are going to an unknown place where you won’t be knowing anyone, its important you know basic ideologies of the region.


Different places have different cultures, countries and regions are usually known for their culture. While traveling to a country, know which language holds dominanance. Do locals speak English or stick to the regional language. Either way, learn some basic phrases of their language, to get away with things, it will help you a lot in various ways, the locals will relate to you, this way they will be more friendly towards you. The citizens will consider your affords in learning about their country.

Cultural behavior also includes the basic dress code, gestures, religious belief. These are sensitive concepts to everyone and neglecting them usual offends the locals.


The Climate of the region during the time you traveling will help in making so many decisions. Like the kinds of clothes and footwear to carry. Are you resistant to the temperature and climatic conditions. Medications that might come in handy during emergency hours. Many regions are well equipped with all kind of health care objects and some places might fail in the same. So don’t rely on the place for emergencies always go prepared. Search for seasonal activities available during the said climatic conditions.



Not all countries have excesses to all foreign currencies. Various developing countries do not accept card payments at local level. Keep a subsequent equation of cash and card both. As even carrying along too much money ain’t safe. Its recommended to sustain all the receipts and bills of your exchanges till you leave the country as there could be chances of inquiry at airports.



There could come times when you might come across people who dislike your home-town. Be prepared to stand for your country but be polite and keep it discreet. Either you interest in politics or not know the basics, people may ask and want to know about your nation. Always point out that a government’s actions and the beliefs of an individual are not always the same. Never make any negative comments about the Politics of the country you visiting.


While traveling to various destinations, know what commute suits the best for the destinations. This can be done both before and during the traveling. Take advice from locals, always seek advice and directions from four to five people so that you know that you are being directed to right destination. Noting down the taxis no. and using your GPRS are steps towards your safety. While flying, most of the times the people in premium class usually are using award tickets or special tickets. Ask for any free seat up-gradations available with the flight attendant. Always check through the website of the airlines or other traveling apps, most of the times there are some or other discount offers going around take advantage of them.


The “Do’s & Don’t”:-

Every country has their set of Do’s & Don’t, they might be quite minute in nature but generally have major consequences, people are sensitive about them. Not being completely clothed at worshiping places, pointing fingers, being loud, close contact with opposite sex, various people take offense at even the raise of a thumb i.e. the “okay” sign.

This also includes basic Mannerism one must follow, respect the fact that you are on someone else land and you might not know it the way they know it. Consider their religious and political beliefs. You dont know anyone there, picking up fight on an unknown land will come back to you itself.

With all being said, different places have different beliefs, you don’t have to change yourself or suppress your fun, just be considerate and you will enjoy your trip with no scams.

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