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Seven Organizational Travel Hacks to try

At home or while Traveling, Organization always comes handy in being out of worries and also saves time which may be wasted if not taken care of. These are some easy hacks to stay organized even while traveling.

1. Well now you know when life throws lemons at you what you gotta do with them. Hack number one is more of a life hack, Use Lemons to get rid of body ordours. Cut them in half and rub them in circulation in your armpits, the Citric Acid in them helps to get rid of the ordour and helps you to stay fresh and smell good in a simple inexpensive way.

2. Use Plastic Wraps to carry your accessories, we all know how our jewelry gets tangled when placed in one single box. So place them in between two plastic wraps and stick the plastics together and voila now you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled.

3. Another way to keep tiny accessories like Rings and Earrings is by keeping them in the weekly medicine boxes available. Keeps them apart and also saves space

4. Carry big cotton tote bag that can be easily folded up and be dumped in your carry-on bags. They might come handy during shopping & extra luggage or while traveling you could carry your handbag in them to save them from the scratches.

5. All that long wires can again get tangled ending up with you wasting your time in sorting them out and also them taking extra space. So save yourself the struggle, by simply using an empty tissue roll. Fold the wire and secure it with the discarded tissue roll.

6. This is a Two in one trick, preserve your Perfume bottle in a Sock and then keep sliding the other socks over and over it. This way you are keeping your perfume bottle safe and also keeping all your socks in one place without misplacing them.

7. The tops of the Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles often go loose and spill around in our kits making it a terrible mess to get rid of. This to not happen to you all you need is again the plastic wrap, cover the mouth of your bottle with the plastic wrap, and then put the lid on. This way the bottle is well sealed and there is no chance of any spillage.

A little work before the start of travel can help you have a smooth voyage.

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