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Planes, Compass, World Map and All that Travel Thingy

You are here cause you love to travel, and you dare to engrave it on your skin. Traveling and Tattoos are two such things which are usually consider extreme by our elders, and that’s okay. Because we know how that is helping us to find and accept ourselves. Both are super fancy to listen to and imagine about, but hold so much deeper meaning when taken seriously.

So, let us help you a little with expressing that passion of traveling in you.

The whole concept of Tattoos involve a lot of categories, Traveling being one of them. The common elements of travel includes- Planes, World map, Cages, Compass, Words like- Wanderlust, Adventure, Travel, one liners and etc.

So here you go…


Tattoos don’t necessarily have to be super unique, they are there express you and identify with you. Combine two designs with each other or place them separately but connected.


You can also have take your travel buddy to share your tattoo with, some make same design in same part of body while others go for two designs that complete each other like this one.


Already into traveling, this will surely give you deeper idea what you want. Polaroids, tickets can get lost, but that engraved on skin stays forever with you, you could tattoo all the stamps of your passport like so, or you could get world map and keep coloring them up every time you visit a new place. These tattoos could be called as series of tattoos. Works the best with who all about tattoos.

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Not everyone is into traveling, many are passionate about it in their heart, but aren’t still daring enough to start with it yet, they keep pushing themselves towards it in slow small steps, these cute minimalistic tattoos could work enough inspiration to those and keep reminding them their ultimate aim. The benefit of minimalistic tattoos is they can be easily hidden anywhere away from the yes of the world.


Some simple one liners, which could have so much deeper meaning to the tattooed person than the words express. Here “Miles to go” could relate to more than just traveling, like achieving career goals.


World is full of variety, some travel enthusiastic will be all about hiking or forest camping, some can be all about seas, oceans and beaches while some can be all about cities- New York, London, Paris and so many more. Have a tattoo that justifies your category. City skyline tattoos are also engraved by people who love their city.


And finally the simplest yet meaningful all, Words. Like we said, the words- Travel, Adventure, Wanderlust are most common in travel tattoos, “Fernweh” is another for travel, you could engrave it some other language as well, like Urdu, Chinese, etc.

So go ahead, get a tattoo of what is close to your heart and click a superb Tumblry picture to post on your Instagram and inspire others.

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