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8 Reason why you should visit the Sunny City of Laidback Lifestyle- Perth

Perth is known to be the capital of the Western Australia, which is located around the meeting junction of Swan River & Southwest Coast. The city is a combination of metro life and laid back lifestyle, with the city’s skyline on one side while a spread of beaches and greenery on the other. It is also closely compared with Bali of Indonesia. Perth’s combination of big-city attractions with relaxed and informal surrounds offers an appealing lifestyle for locals and lots to do for visitors. It’s a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city with myriad bars, restaurants and cultural activities all vying for attention. When you want to chill out, it’s easy to do so. Perth’s pristine parkland, nearby bush, and river and ocean beaches – along with a good public transport system – allow its inhabitants to spread out and enjoy what’s on offer.

We are about to give you some good reasons for you to fly up to Perth if you are in Australia

Kings Park:-

Kings Park covers more than 400 hectares and known to be the largest inner city park in the whole southern hemisphere. Its located at such a spot surrounded Swan River and skyline of the Perth city. The place is so peaceful and endearing that it makes an apt option for picnickers, weddings and sightseeing. The park is a pleasant place botanists as they will get to see 300 0 WA’s native floral species.

Cottesloe Beach:-

What would be one of the most precious sight to you in the world, if Sunsets by Beach is your kind of thing, then you must visit this city. The citizen here, get to enjoy beautiful sunsets by the Cottesloe Beach everyday along with other beach activities like swimming, snorkelling and surfing. Along with the beach the town is also looked upon for its cafes, relaxed lifestyle and its Sunday sessions when locals throng to the beachfront pubs to watch the sun go down whilst enjoying a few drinks.

Greenhouse Restaurant:-

Minimise your dining footprint with a meal at The Greenhouse in the CBD. From the construction, including straw bales, plywood and corrugated iron, to the chairs made from old road signs and the rooftop garden and worm farm, this is one eatery that lives up to its name. The quality of the food is also not comprised on, and includes quite a lot of variety and is the place famous for its wood fired pizzas.

Take a walk around:-

As explained earlier, Perth is known for its easy going lifestyle, the greenery around and the calmness of the sea is pleasing to take a trip around on your feet. The atmosphere is super refreshing and you get to look around how people are living live around in this city.

Rottnest Island:-

Rottnest Island is located 18 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia near Fremantle and Perth. Rottnest, or “Rotto” as the locals say, is a premier island getaway with over 60 picturesque beaches and bays.

Best explored by bicycle, Rottnest is a car-free-zone making it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. Other activities on the island include tennis, golf, fishing, and swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, and diving.


Fremantle, or “Freo” as the locals call it, is located just 30 minutes from Perth’s CBD. It’s a character filled town dotted with cafes, bars, seafood restaurants, vibrant markets, and is known as the ‘world’s best preserved example of a 19th century port streetscape’ with world famous heritage buildings and a fascinating convict and maritime history.

Swan River:-

Make the trip from Perth down to Fremantle via a relaxing cruise on nthe Swan River. You’ll enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline, the many sailing boats, and marvel at some of the most expensive real estate in the country.


Perth is the sunny city and enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other city in Australia: 3000 hours a year and 8.8 hours a day. Average summer temperatures hover around the 30 degrees Celsius mark.

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