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Make a Trip to the sinking City of Romance-Venice

What image does your brain brings up when you think of Venice, The narrow lanes along with canals filled with boats, yeah that the beautiful city of Venice but it is so much along with it canals. Generally people make Venice only a small part of their entire trip, and later come the conclusion of it being over crowded.

If you are planning a trip to Italy, give Venice more than just a day of your trip. It deserves a good round around into its small by-lanes, which are filled with never ending beauty and have stayed in its original form since forever.

1. Its Canals & Gondolas:-

The city is not just called romantic for namesake but truly, stands by the word Romantic, thus making it one of the top most chosen destination for Honeymoons. The pleasant moments you share in the arms of your love while sailing through the Canals being serenaded by the enticing musicians of Venice with the backdrop of this beautiful city makes perfect choice for a getaway with your loved one.

2. Architecture:-

The Architecture of Venice is very unique and is incomparable because of its blend of Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance. The tourists most of the times go awwed over the fact that the city was built on the stilts. Burano is a beautiful island and the brightest you might see, as the citizens here are discoverers of color blocking. Its so pleasing to walk around this colorful city that it refreshes you from inside out with its color splash thrown all over the place. The world’s largest hotels have taken inspiration from Venice architecture to design their hotels.

3. Huge Attraction for Movie makers:-

Because of its unique out of the world architecture, the filmmakers love the shot some of their best scenes and climax in the city of Venice. If you are a movie buff, you are sure to go super excited over spotting numerable backdrops from your favorite classic movies. Even some of the Bond movie scenes were shot in here, taking the advantages of the mysterious canals and vintage bridges.

4. St. Marks Square:-

The St. Marks Square is one of the most famous tourist spot of Venice. The square is so famous for it is enclosed by some of the most famous Venetian landmarks, making it one itself. The square can be seen in the 1979s Bond movie “Moonraker”. In the daytime, the square is filled with tourist and locals, thus go visit the place in the eerie silence of the night when the tourist and locals have tucked themselves under their blankets and soak in the ethereal beauty enjoying it all to yourself.

5. The Carnival:-

The city of Venice is quite rich in its culture and art and celebrates its annually in the month of February. The carnival is held around the city for a good two weeks, wherein numerous fascinating events take place like Costume balls, Parades, Ceremonies, Masquerades and festivities. Thus, making February the perfect time to visit Venice, as its in its liveliest form and the atmosphere in the air is worth breathing in.

The city is quite fragile with its support system wooden poles and being surrounded by water, it is said to be sinking slowly and gradually, so before this beautiful city is submerged into the sea, make Venice your next trip destination.

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