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Six Must Visit Places for the Literature Fanatics in London

London Dreams” is an emotion felt by millions in the world, and all of us, have our various reason to love the city, the city has something for everyone. The city is versatile in its being with so many unnegotiable landmarks being its part, like Big Ben, The London Eye, River Thames, and so many more. The city is extraordinary in its all being, and thus attracts the world towards itself, with most famous celebrities having their villas here.

London, is home to some of the world famous art galleries, museums, restaurants and bars. The city is culture oriented in all forms of it. The city is for kinds of groups, for artist, fashion enthusiastic, friends, lovers, family, it’s a complete people friendly city.

With the famous nursery Rhyme taking its roots from the city’s bridge, the capital of United Kingdom, has a special relationship with cultural activities and literature. Numerous authors have created scenes of their books on the streets and locations of London.

So if are one of the crazy bibliophile or know of someone, share this article with them, so they can add more reasons to their list to visit the beautiful city of London.

The George Inn:-

This Inn was established in the medieval period on Borough High Street in Southwark. It is located about 250m from the south of River Thames near London Bridge. This Inn is the last of coaching Inn that’s left of in London. A placard in the courtyard (which offers ample seating) counts both Shakespeare and Charles Dickens among those who “knew the hospitality of the inn,” and the spot even has a mention in Dickens’ Little Dorrit. The Inn is mostly jam packed by tourist because of its proximity to Shakespeare’s Globe, but since the area is large in size you won’t feel cramped and will actually enjoy the place with the atmosphere that surrounds the Inn.

The Garden Square of Bloomsbury:-

The Garden located in Camden, between Euston road and Holborn is famous for numerous meet-ups arranged between literature enthusiastic groups of people and also a lot of famous writers and artist arrange meetups in here. Grab a book from Charles Cross Road and spend some time to yourself reading in the nature with the bright sun warming you up.

The Bookshops of Charles Cross Road:-

The corner is full of stores sell rare, antique, famous, and all types of book. There are brand new books and second-handed books too. A stroll around the whole corner and a little investigation lead you to all your to be purchased books and maybe a lot more.

Sherlock Holmes Museum & shop:-

The “221b Bakers Street” doesn’t needs any introduction to any Sherlock’s in here. Though the actually place Museum lands between the 237 and 241, the building is just considered to be the home of the great Sherlock Holmes. Many wonder that the place can’t be entered without paying for the ticket, but those are highly mistaken. Starting with the scattered silhouettes at the Baker Street Tube station and continuing up on to the street, where you are met with a mysterious sign of a hand pointing you to Who Knows Where? (we all know where)!

The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 91/3:-

Located on the King’s Cross Station, the Platform 91/3 has moved around a bit since the first movie was filmed. But, these days you can find it in the Western departures of concourse at King’s cross station. Doing justice to the concept of the movie the brick wall has half in Luggage carrier and a full cage of Owl sticking out. A weave of fans is always spotted there waiting to capture a picture with the iconic Structure and the Employees of the store are more than willing to help you have the perfect moment captured with the Scarf flying off. Go ahead and explore the store to find all things related to Potter world.

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