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India—Captured Beautifully through the Eyes of a Foreigner

I guess by now you have surely caught up with the most romantic song of 2016 and have caught yourself unconsciously tuning it in your head at various moments of the day. Yes, you guessed it right, we talking about the song, “Closer” the song that is being loved so much by the world that there are already three music videos for the same song, and as we keep tapping over our keyboard, one of our colleagues has been playing it in the background.
Now you do be wondering, why are talking about a romantic song on a travel site, well, we can explain—So the pair that’s featuring in the First released video of the song, recently visited India and apparently made a Documentary of their trip which they posted on Youtube on the 3rd of Dec’2016. They go by the name “TaylorCutFlims”.
The video starts with some noble words by Mahatma Gandhiji, The father of India with Bokeh of light in the darkness, as the video continues on, they have successfully captured the true essence of the country, the people here, the daily routines, the emotions and have themselves experienced the wisdom of Indian culture by playing Holi and being a part of the Indian Wedding. Festivals, Weddings our culture is something India stands out in the whole world for, and they have so beautiful portrayed it in their Documentary. They have shot a beautiful time lapse of the Taj Mahal and so many other shots.
We can’t complete make justice to the video in words, and so without other ado, go ahead and be mesmerized by the beauty of India. If you are an Indian, be proud of it like us, and if you are not, this video is surely going to make you visit us, and believe us, you will be whole-heartedly welcomed. Because, Athithi Devo Bhava..!!!


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