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Five of the World Famous Bridges around the Globe

Bridges if spoken in psychological language are termed quite essential on the road of life. But, talking about physical Bridges that have been built across the world time and time again to meet two ends are as essential and have made same effect through the world.

If spoken about to Architectures, Bridges would be defined by them as some of the most difficult projects they take up. To build something that is completely on the land is tad bit easier than building something that may hold two ends with nothing but deep water flowing in between it. Through the years, Bridges are taken upon as challenges by Architectures, making the best of the infrastructure intricate them with such care and delicacy that quite a lot of them have now become the iconic monuments of their country and worldwide itself.

Here, are some of the world famous Bridges that have become the part of their respective countries tourism and also gives beautiful view of the city’s skyline.

1. The Golden Gate Bridge, United States:-

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the strait between San Francisco and Marin County to the North. It makes for the most famous attraction of the San Francisco and also for the United States which has the main span of 1,280meters making it the 11th longest span of bridge in the world. The color of the Bridge i.e. red-orange was specially chosen to make it visible during the thick fog period the state faces.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia:-

This famous Bridge came into its being, in the march of 1932, and took eight years to be built. It is the world’s largest though not longest steel arch bridge, with the top of bridge standing 134 meters above Sydney Harbour. The bridge carries roads for vehicles and railroads along with bicycle and pedestrain traffic between the North Shore and the central business district of the city. One amazing fact about the bridge is that because the steel expands or contracts depending on whether it is hot or cold the bridge is not completely stationary and can rise or fall up to 7.1 inches.

3. Tower Bridge, England:-

With making an apperance in innumerous movies from hollywood to bollywood, the Tower Bridge is almost the ultimate famous bridge of the world. Standing over the River Thames, the bridge is a combination of Bascule and suspension bridge. Its name comes from the Tower of London which is close by the bridge.

4. Rialto Bridge, Italy:-

The Rialto Bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand canal in Venice. It makes to be the oldest bridge across the canal. Previously standing wooden bridge which collapsed in the year of 1524, it was replaced by the current stone made Rialto Bridge. The engineering of the bridge was considered so audacious that some architects predicted a future collapse. The Bridge has gone ahead and become one of the icons of Venice defying the critics in the process.

5. Brooklyn Bridge, Untied States:-

The Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. The Bridge was started in 1883, and is one of the oldest suspension bridges of the United States, with main span of 486.3 meters it was titled as the longest suspension bridge of the world until the year of 1903. All day long you can spot tourists crossing the 5,989 feet (1825 m) bridge by foot while taking pictures of the beautiful bridge with the skyline of Manhattan.

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