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Odisha or Orrisa know more about this East Indian State here

The country of India is known for the its culture and tradition, and with so many religions being a part of a single country the age old words that states India stands together in its Diversity, can’t ever be ignored or argued upon. But if roughly considered, the major change in the cultures of the nation can be seen with division of directions- North, South, East and West.
The country of India is vibrant and chaotic, but when you cross towards the eastern part of the country you are sure to find the vibrant culture still exists but, the chaos sublimes down on a good scale. The Eastern part of the country is minimally populated and is not the most famous or well-known part of the country. The only state that grabs all the attention in the East is the Ex-Capital of the country.
Here, Freshia from Whack is about to feed us with some amazing facts and never really wondered about truths of the facts of Odisha. Which is formally known as Orrisa. One of the eye-opener for us, was the famous “Roshugullas” that we considered as the Bengal oriented sweet has actually its roots from the state of Odisha. Watch on to know more about the State that gave us our yummy India Marshmallows.


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