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The State of Mizoram has so much to Learn from

The State of Mizoram is tiny when looked in the Indian map and makes for a tail in the South eastern part of the country. Mizoram, the name stands for “people from the Hilly region”. The state along with hills is also covered by a lot of forestral area. Mizoram forms as a part of seven sister states of India. This petite of a state is infact the second most literate state of India, with Kerala being the first one in the list.
Mizorian people are usually quite sweet and generous as that’s a crucial code in their culture. And yet so many Easter Indian and Mizoram’s people when arrive in the western part of the country have claimed to being bullied here, as Chinese and Japanese and never really considered Indian for that matter.
Though, the state is not well-known and hardly ever searched about, it has some amazing things to give out to its visitors. The effects of literacy are very well visible in this lifestyle choices and the personality of the people of the state.
So, go ahead and be a little baffled by some surprising facts about this sweet state of Mizoram that Freshia from Whack has with her for us to know.


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