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Hyderabad worn against Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai as the Best City to Live in the Country

The country of India is known for its diversity with the vastness shared between 497 cities in the spread of north, east, west and south. Every city differs from other with the subject to various aspects such as religions, geographical conditions, lifestyle choices and availability of resources.

Though Mumbai is the most populated city in the country followed by Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai respectively, the city of Hyderabad was ranked the Best city to live in the country now for two consecutive years. There are various factors one considers when choosing a place to live in, and though the ground needs the same there are other major reasons to that highly affect the decision of moving to a city. These top four cities are obvious choices for them being the best metropolitan cities of the country, they still own some major drawbacks in their characteristic for all of them failing to achieve the position of Best city to live in the country.

Thus, here are some general comparisons with the country’s best-ranked city with the country’s top populated cities.


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