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Kashmir is not just about India, Pakistan & Muslims

Kashmir is worldwide and especially in India called “The Heaven On Earth” for its beauty needs no much words, and can be just claimed by the sight of the state. The State is also one of the most controversial states of the India, and we won’t be exaggerating if we claimed it to be most controversial in the world.

Loved by all so much that India and Pakistan still after 69 years of separation our fighting over completely ownership of the state. But, in all the India- Pakistan fight very few known that a part of Kashmir is also owned by China, which has recently come to light with the ongoing POK conflicts.

But, the state that is generally known to be dominated by the Muslims, has so many other facts and unknown beauty to it and one can never forget the highest peak of the world Mt. Everest to be the part of it. The state is one of the first destination to come to mind for the just married couples for their honeymoon vogues. Known some more facts about the state, shared by Fresh here, which will make you drop your assumptions about the state.


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