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Varanasi A City Of Life & Death Must be Visited Once In Your Lifetime

Gange, Gange River is the greatest of all river in India and praised and prayed by all the religions no matter who. She is known as the mother of the nation, with her flowing and channeling water through the nation. But, if asked which is the one place Gange river calls her home, it has to be no other but Banaras/ Varanasi.

The city is uniquely extensive from all the nation, and yet describe the country of India in very wake of it’s own. it’s known to be the oldest city in the country, dating it’s existence back to 6000 years back.

There are numerous reasons to why one must venture off this beautiful full of character City of Varanasi, some of them are listed down below:-

1. Oldest City:-

As explained above, the city has been dated back to 6000 years back. The City and it’s citizens are serious devotees of God Shiva. There are general beliefs that the city was found and formed by the ultimate Lord, The Shiva himself and that the city on the tips of The Trishool, the weapon of Lord Shiva. Thus, all these reasons also thus make for this holy city to become the place for pilgrimage. The name of the city is mentioned in many Hindu scriptures such as the Rigveda, Skanda Purana, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata. The origin of the name of Varanasi is behind the names of two rivers, the Varun and the Assi.

2. Roars in Hindu Festival:-

The country of India is best and most known for it’s love and pride for their Culture. And Varanasi being considered the holiest city in the shadow of River Gange, the city celebrates all Hindu festival with complete enthusiasm in which Holi, Diwali and Mahashivratri celebrated in total glory in every nook and corner of the city in which the remains can be noticed after the festivals have come to an end.

Diwali calling for lightening up the city and River Gange with earthen lamps and fairy lights, Holi results in the glorification rainbow depiction on the Earth and Mahashivtri is celebrated with several kids dressing up as Shivji, followed by grand Aartis by the Ghats.

3. Ghats of Varanasi:-

The city of Varanasi is full of character and jammed and one will all the time keep spotting unique moments going along the streets of the city. But what defines the best of the city is it’s Ghats. Every citizen there has a story of their own with their beloved ghats and the real life happens all around the ghats. They are never ever happy, human existence prevailing 24*7.

4. River Gange’s Aartis:-

Ganga aarti is performed at night. This is where science and religion arrive at an end, where human feeling and convictions are incomparable. When you see this heavenly river, you understand that the stream really has its very own spirit. Seeing a huge number of individuals coming here to offer their petitions, bow their heads and offer regards, perform pujas and glide candles in little containers is entrancing. The feelings on their countenances and their firm conviction this is the purest river on earth that washes all wrongdoings regardless of being a standout amongst the most contaminated stream body would abandon you stunned.

5. Marijuana City:-

Bhang in Hindi is considered as Lord Shiva’s Offerings and thus is loved and cherished by this whole city. And thus, it’s pretty common sight and knowledge for people to be smoking it out in open. Many foreigners especially come to the city to have the Marijuana is it’s purest form.

6. Shopping Banarasi Sarees is Must:-

Silk Weavers from Gujarat relocated to Banaras in seventeenth Century after a starvation in 1603. Zari and Brocade materials are a claim to fame of the city. The names of the saris are kept according to the themes or patterns woven in them. Banaras saris have stayed up to date with changing tastes awful encourage ladies with their ever exquisite artfulness. Bear in mind to pick one for your woman.

7. With River comes the Boats:-

Varanasi is about Boat Rides. The most well-known place to enlist a boat is at Dashashvamedh Ghat—basically amidst Varanasi. Encounter the sunrise and sunset and the rates are debatable, yet it ought to cost about Rs. 125 for every individual for 60 minutes, or Rs. 500 for a private boat. On the off chance that you are setting out to Varanasi amongst July and September, check with the Ministry of Tourism Office to start with, as watercraft rides are now and then restricted amid rainstorm for security reasons.

8. The City of Character:-

Away from the extreme civilisation, the narrow nukkads of this place are worth exploring on foot. It is the most famous city for its muslin, silk fabrics, perfumes, ivory works, and various sculptures. Hence one can explore the gallis to meet new people, shop, eat and click.

The City consists in itself so much that can only be experienced once you visit the place. The city doesn’t ever sleep, as you will keep spotting life still going around at midnight or at the stroke of dawn too. The Walls of the city scream with colours and stories and messages. The Sadhus (Priests) there are never to be missed upon, They have so much to say and share that a little exchange of words will you a give new perspective to life and finally, death is taken all differently in this city where the incremetation of the corpse is a whole different story.

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