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Things To Do & Places To Visit When On The Caribbean Island Of Tobago

Falling in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Island of Tobago is the smaller of the two comprising of the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. If geography is to be noted the Island of Tobago has a land area if 300 square kilometres, primarily hilly, mountainous in nature the island is a result of a Volcanic eruption.

Climatic wise the Island has a cliched tropical atmosphere with two major seasons being one a wet season between June to December and a dry season from January to May. Although Tobago safely lies south of the Hurricane belt, it was nevertheless struck by the Hurricane Flora on September 30, 1963. the hurricane leaving behind severe effects that changed the face of Tobago’s economy.

Tobago’s economy mainly is based on tourism, fishing and government spending which takes the maximum currently. Tourism is still an upcoming industry. Though the Island has a lot to offer to it’s visitors.

The Island has so much to offer with the serenity of it’s beaches and forestial region that you want to come back again and again for just the simple leisure activities that will keep you away from staying ideal and at the same time not exhaust you.

Here are a list of things you could do and places you could visit in this beautiful small Caribbean Island.


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