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Jamaica The Homeland Of Bob Marley & The Place For Both Relaxed And Adventurous Souls

The Caribbean Island of Jamaica is known for an amazing Vacation spot. The place is perfect for both beach lovers and the mountain lovers. The Island with numerous amount of beaches on the edge and the dense forestal area on the inside makes up for all kind of travellers and tourists.
Youtuber and traveller Raya from her channel “RayaWasHere” share with us her experience as she explores Jamaica. In her Jamaica Vlog which we are sharing below she shares about her Museum tour of Bob Marley which is not allowed to be shot in but further, she shares her experience of exploring his actual home, so all you Bob Marley fans are gonna surely enjoy it. She further shares about the cafe “One Love” which has a live musician playing and easy vibe going around.

She takes us with her to show the process of Vinyl making followed by the water expanse view they have in front of their Airbnb stay. Forests are generally acquainted with the ferrous one’s who love adventure, which is doubled with rides that take you through the forest in a windy speed that can be controlled by you.

The people here definitely love their visitors as there is always mention of leaving behind your remark in the place.
Ride through the Jamaica’s easy feel with Raya & Louis.


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