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Wildernest The Resort That Shuns The Wild Party Anthem Of Goa

Goa is considered to be the Party launcher of the country, there is where the youth feel they can be free and reckless away from the judgmental eyes of the basic society norms, thereby assessing the otherwise society questionable practices. The state has become so notoriously famous for it’s party anthem that people so many times forget that there are so many other things to the place other than beaches and reckless youthfulness.

The state is of Goa is majorly divided into South and North district, wherein in North is where the fun and all the famous beaches reside. South is more of the residential area where the locals reside and which reside in the Konkan region.

Wildernest Nature Resort is what may make you question all the stereotypes set about Goa. The resort that is located in Desai Nagar, North Goa. The resort keeps you ashore from all the regular madness of Goa, where tranquillity is treasured.

The location is of Wildernest is almost in-between the whole greenery, overlooking the resort is the Vazra falls in the Swapnagandha Valley. The peak gives you a total panoramic top view of the state.


The resort is not overly famous, so the people visiting it will also be there for the same treatment of peace you looking for. The resort works on the concept of providing rejuvenation to the mind, body and soul of their guests through the mixture of Yoga, Meditation and Healthy Organic Diet.

The resort has an in-house restaurant named Randhan which is owned and managed by the Chief Cook himself alone who serves the tasty ethnic traditional food. The food has been tasting guaranteed by it’s visitor.

What’s better, the place that is surrounded by greenery also has a Garden Bar named Cloud 9, which is adequately surrounded by the greens. The local Bar man is the cheerful man who loves to share stories of the regions and tales of jungle and folk art. Hurrak, A local cashew drink is much recommended.

The resort along with good scenery and authentic food also provides Meditation centre facilities along with infinite Swimming pool which can be enjoyed by the chirping birds and the terrestrial feel around.

The Ayurshala takes along with itself the era of traditional herb medicines and treatments provided using our medical plants. Through medicinal plants, herbs and roots, the Ayurshala strives hard to break the misconception of the typical style of massage therapies followed elsewhere.

With so much around the other activities provided are:-
  • Forest Walk
  • Night Trail
  • Trekking
  • Village Walk
  • Botanical Tour
  • Foot Trails
  • Visit to Conservation Point
  • Bird Watching Trails
  • Waterfall Treks


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