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5 Infamous Tourist Sex Spots in India, Curious?

The prostitution is the oldest occupations around the world and is prevalent in most of the countries legally/illegally.
Though these select 5 sex spots in India are interesting for tourists, you are advised to hold your pants and eyes open! These places could be a potential source of sexual diseases, if precautions are flouted. Also, there are significant criminal activities, except Mumbai, which has relatively better law and order situation prevalent.

Here they are:

1. Shonagachi, Kolkata

Wanna a jolt of life time? We arrive at the most notorious, curious sex-market locality. Sonagachi is reputedly Asia’s second-largest red-light district. Sonagachi is located in Kolkata. Its area contains several hundred multi-story brothels and an estimated 15,000 sex workers (2018). Sonagachi is located in North Kolkata near the intersection of Chittaranjan Avenue & Shobhabazar, around 1 kilometer north of Kolkata’s Marble Palace area. From here, you’ll can go at Premchand Boral Lane or the Haarkata lane where still the Baiji culture (or the tawaif) culture is present. Situated along the banks of the Ganges in North Kolkata, Shonagachi is one place in Kolkata with a very high crime rate.

2. Kamathipura, Mumbai

Kamathipura or you call it Kamthipura is Mumbai’s one of the oldest & Asia’s largest red-light district. Being the oldest prostitute’s area of Mumbai since British rule, Kamathipura has many of workers seen standing at street side in dresses. When one drives through the lane which is also famous as ‘Falkland Road’ the view is obviously and somewhat dirty. We have heard it that recently they have done this professional business with license allotted individually. Lal bazaar was once named as ‘Tolerated Area’ since prostitution was illegal during times.
There is also ‘Cursetji Shuklaji Street’ in Mumbai’s Kamathipura which was also called as safe gully (the word Gully is a Hindi word for lane). It was called as safest because it was home to European prostitutes in Mumbai well known Red Light Area of Grant Road in Mumbai. Kamathipura is still congested with garbage around street bins in narrow lanes where a girl shows off either by words or actions and attract customers.
There are reasonable numbers of stunning beautiful prostitutes waiting to get clients.

3. G.B. Road, Delhi

G.B. Road or Garstin Bastion Road is a road to Lahori Gate in Delhi, India. G.B. Road is the Asia’s No 1 largest & World’s second largest red-light area in Delhi, India. It is an area with several hundred multi-story brothels and estimated over 17,000 sex workers. It is lined with two/three-story buildings that have shops on the ground floor. About twenty of these buildings have about 100 brothels on the first floor that comes alive at night after the shops at ground level close. It is one of the biggest red light area in Delhi. The road’s name was officially changed to Swami Shradhanand Marg in the early 1990s.

4. Shivdaspur, Varanasi, UP

Varanasi, since times immemorial, has been famous for brothels & the elegant danseuses or what we know as the “tawaif (Dancing prostitutes) culture” prevalent in most places. However, similar culture can be noticed even now. Shivdaspur is a census town and a red light village in Varanasi in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh in India. It resides on the periphery of Varanasi city i UP. The place we’re talking about is about a 10 minutes away from the Varanasi Railway Station and is biggest red light areas in UP.

5. Chaturbhuj Sthan, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Muzaffarpur is one of the largest city in the northern part of Bihar & located near the Himalayan foothills. In India, many temples accompanied brothels. This city of Bihar has an old Chaturbhujsthan Temple, which is known for its spirituality, nearby there are numerous small brothels.

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