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Do you even remember the first vacation of your life? It must be in childhood,right?.There is no second guessing that it must be with your parents, whether it was a hot- shot destination or just a casual break at relatives house in nearby city.

Since the internet is flooded with ‘Destinations you need to visit with your parents/relatives/bae’ we want you to take a ‘U-Turn’ and think twice before you join us in the bandwagon! After all, this world is a fun place, my friend! And you need to be a little extra careful when it comes to family.

We bring you some sin cities across the world that are too risky for one to visit with parents and be extra cautious. Get ready with a pad and pen as you certainly would need to note down the names of these wicked places which we are sure you haven’t heard before.

1. Walking Street, Pattaya (Thailand)

It’s tough to decide whether this section of Thailand is well famed or just defamed but one thing is sure, it holds the potential to ruin you completely! While your parents will wish wish to take a stroll in the streets of Pattaya but young girls standing in skimpy clothes in every nook and corner of the street is certainly one nightmare you don’t want to see happen in front of your parents. Imagine the embarrassment?

Walking street is one of the biggest red light areas and is well known for its shimmering nightlife. It is a fact and it is said that there are more sex workers per square kilometer here than any other place on this planet earth

Flights: Take a flight to Pattaya from New Delhi for just INR 19000; make sure to book in advance.

2. Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela’s urban footprint can be seen from its sprawling capital Caracas.Welcome to the most dangerous city in the world!

A well-built city crowded with traffic from all over, Caracas is known for its nightlife, cuisines and is also the murder capital of the world as per the Foreign Policy Magazine, we are not saying. Before you book your tickets, just a quick look at a question – Are Angel falls more important to you than your parent’s life?

Flights: You can book your flight tickets to Caracas just for INR 82,500 from Mumbai; provided you book in advance.

3. Kasol, India

If you are planning to go on a trip to Kasol with your parents then we seriously hope that you are kidding! A hippie’s paradise, the small town of Kasol, is that chunk of land where everyone lives a Bob Marley inspired life, we ain’t kidding on it. There are many activities to do in Kasol, like trekking, camping, or attending a PSY trance festival, well yeah!

Nestled in Parvati Hills, this is certainly not the spiritual getaway your parents are looking for, right? Before your mom gets into a shock after witnessing the hippie life raving there, PLEASE head straight somewhere else.

4. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

The carnival capital of the world as called as, Rio de Janerio…yes, it’s is the sexiest city on the planet earth. Hot beaches with hot –sweaty bikini bodies blending with each – sensuality is in the air!

While your parents might enjoy seeing the colorful spirit of the people around it might be the street partying that will not only restrict them but will hamper your endeavors too. After all, your mom would never ever admire you performing Samba with few ladies dressed in nothing but just jewels, yes seriously.

Flights: Take a flight to Rio de Janerio from New Delhi just at INR 68000 approx.

5. Acapulco, Mexico

Did you know Acapulco is one of the best partying destination around the World? With beaches, shimmering coastline and a perfect restaurant, this place is way more than just Tacos and Burritos.

However, before you think of a perfect family trip dream, we are sorry for interrupting you! As there is one more thing you might need to know, Acapulco is also the world’s second most violent city as per the reports. Incase, you hear a brawl or a gun shot, don’t worry its part of life here! CHILL.

Flights: Book your flight tickets for INR 75000 approx to Acapulco from Mumbai.

6. Las Vegas, USA

What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas, especially when you have your parents accompanying you in the original sin city of the World. Quick weddings, broke nights… Vegas keep up the promise of turning your daydream into a nightmare!

Precaution is always better than cure, my dear friend! So, before your wild stories of Casinos reach out to your ‘Aunty’ in Delhi it is better to take your parents to anywhere in the US but not Vegas.

Flights: Tickets to Vegas from New Delhi at just INR 63,000 approx.

7. Ko Tao, Thailand

Wooh! Late night parties that too on sandy beaches… Thailand promises you 24/7 crazy fun for the party lovers. However, you might re-consider being with your parents for island hopping. A perfect wild party destination, we assure you that, this is not what your parents might be expecting from ‘Island Hopping’ in Thailand.

Girls in skimpy hot bikinis and endless booze – that’s not how your parents define vacations, right?

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