Best Picked Top 7 Places For Sex Tourism Destinations

Here is my friend, list of top 10 sex vacation destinations on this planet.


I had been in Amsterdam in last September. You will beautiful dutch girls with their hair flowing when they travel in bikes. You need to watch those those bicycles and you will find coffee and weed all over the place. You will find freedom in Amsterdam, that I haven’t felt elsewhere in any other place on this planet. My favorite cafe, being called Smokey’s a must visit located right in the main square.

Let me come to women in Amsterdam as they come from eastern Europe majorly. $50 Euro for a quick sex which is under 5 minutes.

Only country where prostitution takes place without the possibility of being arrested. The only way they allow is their women prostitute to their own kind. Each city has a different way of working style. In Tokyo, you will not be able to fuck any women, just blowjobs by japanese women with droopy boobs and older looking females. In Osaka, you can have sex in the Tobita Shinchi red light areas. In Osaka, you will find women will have very hairy vaginas.

Every hotel room in Germany or lets take most of it had a girl standing outside of it in sexy clothing or they were lying on the bed showing off their almost bare ass. Generally they charge is 50 Euros. The room will be decorated as it has her own stuffs around. She does her job well and ask for the money.

Beautiful Women with blue eyes. There is a spot named as Showpark. Only one of them is the gem. I couldn’t believe in my eyes that kind of place like this existed as one needs to go through hardship in my life to get laid. It is one of the best places as you will find women working there is an 8 or above. The architecture is way too good. It has a main room where you can drink, use wifi, play casino and smoke. It charges for good 30 minutes sex 50 euros they don’t opt for blow jobs.

Montreal is the sex capital in Canada. It is great place for escorts and escorts agencies. In Comparison to the United States, sex in Canada is the cheapest option you have in North America, starting approx $130 dollars for 1 hour.

The only place in the world which has a blow job bars. Blow job bars are for $25 bucks, cheap women & good beer. It’s a safest country. The biggest downside is that your visa will lasts only for 30 days which gives you a good excuse to go and check out one of the adjoining countries.

This is the only country in the world to throw a party celebrating sex – Carnival. In Rio de Janeiro you have the famous Termas, Quatro por Quatro being the best backstage in a Victoria’s Secret runway show & having a pick up option. And in Sao Paulo you have the great Clinicas and Sex Clubs.

The best beauty about Brazil, unlike Colombia, is that Brazilian women are very open to foreign men and it’s a fact, the Brazilian women seek them out.

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