Cool Places to have a Quick Sex!!

1. Elevator
Rahul and Neha, office colleagues at a MNC swear by the benefits of physical intimacy in an elevator. recalls Rahul, “It’s a lot of a fun when you get physical for sex in an elevator. Making out and being physically active is a great stress buster, especially when you are staying up nights for work on continuous basis. You can always stop the elevator midway, get physical and be back to work in seven minutes sharp. But be ready for the looks that your office colleagues will give you once you step back at workplace.”
Explains psychologist Akash Verma, “A five-minute sex session is a great idea, so long you have limitations in that. It is the best solution in this age when lack of proper sex sessions can lead to a lot of depression, frustration and stress. Yet, I would still advise that when one indulges in such activities, it is best to be careful of the peers around as it might not have a great effect on children if they happen to catch you in such situation. Doing it in an elevator is a great idea so long you don’t get any hurt yourself in that hush hush. ”

2. Movie theatre
A great place to get dirty in that dark ambience. Especially in empty theatres where you have a lot of dark space and lack of prying eyes of auties around you. Reveals Parchi Sharma, a student, “My boyfriend and I often hangout at movie theaters. This saves us from getting caught from the public eyes and the sexual intimacy we both crave for is what we can get in the last row seats. It’s quite a kick for both of us when we imagine about all the things me and my lover have done at movie theatres. With romantic songs in the background, as it is the perfect time for one to get comfortable.”
According to Gupta, movie hall gives assurance about undisturbed privacy. But, if you get caught in the act, you might find yourself in a very unavoidable scenario. “It’s best to just find happiness in touching each other and not experiment with intimate sexual positions or try anything different. Also, getting involved in the act can be more fun than the actual act itself. So why not try these areas?” suggests Gupta.

3. Back of a club/restaurant
Being out on a blind date sharing your wildest dreams with your bae is exciting, so if both of you are up for a quick sex, head to the darkest corner of a nightclub, or even the bathroom, and get your hands on.
“To have it on at a restaurant corner tends to have a great boost to one’s sex life. Usually it breaks down the monotony and excels the desirability factor. Sometimes, I like to have these sessions with my wife, a quick one while reaching my house, behind a club or restaurant. It makes us feel energized and bonding gets stronger with one other, the way we used to do in college days,” agrees Aakash Rai.
“The dark areas behind a club or restaurant, the staircase or some such place actually is a mighty turn on for many couples around. The thing with couples is they should do what they both would enjoy the act well. If making out at the back of a popular night club or eatery spot their bonding, then there is no harm caused. You might have curious eyes on you, but being naughty at times is required,” says Rai.

4. Stairwell
The staircase in your office building could serve as the perfect place with your bae. Nidhi Kumar, a senior manager recollects getting it on in the staircase is a huge turn on for her. “I have a colleague of mine is a pro at quickies when it comes to sex. A bang on at the staircase preferably on a really high floor can make you go nuts for a while. It can make you feel very adventurous and excited at the same time,” she recalls.
Psychologist Sheetal Gupta however warns of the possible risks involved in getting excited on the staircase. One wrong sexual position and you could go fall down the staircase. “Staircases are great fun, but do not go overboard with such places because you could end up hurting oneself and one can’t imagine” she says.

5. Car
So, it’s not a great idea, but a quick sex in a car, at any given point of location where you won’t be arrested for public indecency by cops, can be a very exciting experience. Cars are not only spacious, but they remain the most wanted dream of many young couples. Rahul Gupta, a sales manager, totally agrees by it. “My girlfriend and I do it in the car just before I drop her at home at times. It is a lot of fun doing at isolated place with no one is there to bother you. Also because of the limited access to space, you are almost jumping into each other and that definitely is a turn on that keeps us wanting to do on for more.”
Gupta agrees that four wheelers can make you feel extremely romantic and great about oneself. “Getting physically cozy within four wheelers can do great job for couples who go through a crisis or are in search of closeness with each other,” he advises.

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