Real life tales of High-end prostitutes around the world.

She carefully slid the straps of her little black dress and curled up her pink lips in a shy smile as she watched herself in the mirror. He would perhaps not even see the dress & how she stood in her fair complexion that when he will undress her. He was her client and she choose to be his escort for that particular night. She dabbed her favourite Channel perfume, she went out to meet him that particular night.

Prostitution is illegal in India & there are millions of unfortunate girls who are forced to be a part of it. However, there’s a growing section of women who are trading in their body by their own will and their own circumstances; if any. Yes, we are talking about the high-end escorts around the world.

Meet 25 year-old Prachi Verma, a student of one of the most prestigious universities in Delhi. Even before completing her education, she has found her ‘perfect’ job that offers convenient working hours along with great money. “I belong to a middle-class family from north India and cannot afford a lavish lifestyle for myself. I use my free time to fetch some money,” tells Prachi as she showed us a new Iphone X which she had bought recently brought from her earnings

We live in a society that judges people completely by their profession. A doctor, engineer or lawyer might be considered a highly-respected occupation in our society, while a labourer or a dancer might not be appreciated much for their choice of profession. A girl staying at home all day might be considered an ‘ideal’ woman, while the one returning home late might be leading in some gossip and speculations by aunties and uncles around. We will not be getting into the discussion about what society would think about a girl who becomes a prostitute by her own choice!
Neha is one of those high-priced prostitutes who have entered this profession by choice and have no regret about it. “You sell your brain, we sell our body. What’s so much fuss all about? I feel, our society is still quite judgemental. If a boy and girl go on a blind date and end up having sex—that’s absolutely fine, no? But if the guy pays the girl for sex, it becomes unethical,” says Neha

Nisha has been minting “extra cash” for almost two years by now, and we keep wondering what keeps her going in this trade? “Well, the extra income is enough for me to pay my car loan every month. Additionally, I am able to save a good amount and secure my complete future.”

According to government statistics, there are more than two million sex workers However, very few are into prostitution by choice. It paints a really sad picture for the rest who are not by choice. Will legalisation of prostitution help? But yes, my heart goes out to all those girls who are living in stingy brothels, suffering from sexually transmitted diseases and being forced into it. Nothing can be more horrible to live such life.”
P.S: Names are changes on request

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