Sex Guide For First Timers In Thailand

Hi, I am just assuming that you may be visiting Thailand for the first time and not for beautiful beaches, street food but one of the major reasons for visiting Thailand is to get laid in arms of beautiful girls in Thailand.
How do I know there are certain massage salon who offer great happy endings, and do you need to negotiate the “extras” prior? What price is best let’s say for a hand job?
And what about these “soapy massages” – do they really slide up & down your body on an air mattress like the way in Japanese porn movies? Or what about these street girls/freelancers in the party clubs that try to hook up with you – is it safe to take them back to your hotel room ?Does all hotels even allow to enter Thai Women? Lets suppose they do come and have sex with you for just approx 1,000 Baht? And what’s the stuff so much viral about with this dating site – can I really meet forward girls online who will get laid purely for money?
I think it’s the best idea to answer these questions before you are planning your trip in Thailand.


The girly or often called as beer bars are obviously all hookers well let me clear the waitresses aren’t – usually.But the ambience in these bars is so comfortable and cozy and you don’t need to commit to anything – you could just sit there, watch out and drink
How it works: Once you enter the bar, get seated and ask your drink. Check out the bar girls and in case you like anyone, you can call her over, have a conversation with her and ask her for a lady drink. The general rule applicable is that once you get her a drink, you can also permission to touch her. You can even have fun by play pool with her, watch some Live sports or any channel or just have a small conversation with her. These bar girls will usually give you the Girlfriend experience for sure, as they don’t really appear like how prostitutes dress up. You can also pay her bar fine and take her back to your hotel room for sex. Please take a note that the bar fine and sex with bar girl are to be paid separately.
Prices: 100-150 Baht, and the average price for the bar fine is approx 500 Baht.700 Baht, whereas in Pattaya it’s only approx 300 Baht.The sex price for the girl from a beer bar should be no more than approx 1,000 Baht for small span of time & no more than approx 2,000.

2.GoGo bars

The go go bars are one of the biggest “tourist attraction” in red light areas of Thailand. Whosoever, visits in Bangkok doesn’t ask me to bring them to a cool night club, in fact the best go go bars with the hottest Thai girls!
How it works: It’s just like in the girly bars (not much difference). Get inside GO GO BARS, and get seated by a waitress accompanying you to the table. Order your food/drink and then watch the girls who are dancing on the stage.

Note all the bars don’t have naked girls –mostly they wear bikinis or other sexy outfits. But if you are of the opinion who thinks there is no point visiting a go go bar without being able to touch some boobs and pussies, then no.

As a rule, if you buy a girl drink, and you also take them out for sex in your hotel room.
Prices: It’s all a little bit more expensive than in the beer bars, because the go go girls are more appealing. Expect to pay approx 140-160 Baht for your own drinks, approx 180-200 Baht for lady drinks, about approx 1,000 Baht for the bar fine, approx 2,000 Baht for shortspan of time, or 3,000 Baht for long span of time.
Sometimes the sex prices are negotiable if a girl like you (but not always, like Baccara & Crazy House even have menu card where the fixed prices are mentioned.


The Night clubs are great combo if you to meet and party at the same time. The better thing is that these thai girls are not employed by the Clubs so you won’t have to pay for expensive lady drinks or bar fines.

How it works: You have been given 3 choices: Hookers, regular girls who are looking for a new boyfriend, or girls who already have a boyfriend and/or are not interested in foreigners. As for the “open-minded” ladies: Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between a working girl & a normal thai girl – maybe she is a hooker & may not ask you for any money until you send her off the next day. If you are unsure & want to clear it, you need to ask her out “Do you come here often?” or be straight forward to ask: “Are you studying in college?” or “Where is your place?”.

Prices: Similar drink prices like in the beer bars – drinks are in the approx 80-150 Baht range. If you plan on drinking whiskey, then a much better deal would be to buy a bottle – you might get a Red Label bottle for approx1,500 Baht, or Thai Whiskey for approx 800 Baht. If you are paying a hooker from the club approx 1,000 Baht is a reasonable price, but often the young and appealing ladies in the clubs of Bangkok or Pattaya will ask you approx 1,500-2,000 Baht. There is a catch, you can negotiate, & if she likes you, the lower the price should get.


Many people visit Thailand to get experience on Happy ending Thai Massages. Try a massage for approx 300 or 400 Baht & just see how it goes– if the girl offers a happy ending, then that’s great, and if not, then at least you’ve got a nice massage for a reasonable price.

How it works: Walk like a tourist and if you come across the girls wearing unusual sexy clothes eg. tight skirts or shout at you like “hello! welcome massage!” Kindly note that normal masseuses don’t do that, they wouldn’t even sit outside to call tourists, then you can be 100 percent sure that they will be offering happy endings. If you like a particular masseuse, choose the oil massage as it will make the happy ending more pleasurable compared to the Thai massage which is without oil, and go with her to the massage room which is divided by curtains. Remove all your clothes, lie on your chest and let the massage begin. It takes around 40 minutes, after you have turned on your back and she will massage your legs and she will ask you “massage here mai?” while hinting towards your penis.

Prices: Oil Massage will cost approx 400 Baht and standard tip for a hand job is approx 500 Baht.


These places has been favourite hangout place of many Thai men to escape from women for long hours.

How it works: You will walk in the lobby and sit in comfortable couches. There is a big fish bowl where all the girls one by one come across. Sometimes it a glass but nowadays you can check out the girls in a better manner. There are 2 to 3 different groups and all are priced differently. The male manager will inform you about the rates. It includes it’s all inclusive of bath, a short massage and sex and condom. Parlours in Pattaya have air mattresses where the Thai girls have soapy water on your body and then slide up and down with their boobs, ass and with their body. pickup any girl, pay at the counter, go to the massage room with her, take a bath, have sex. One must try a soapy massage at least once when you are in Thailand.
Prices: Approx 2000 to 3500 Baht Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket


No matter wherever you will go, you will find some kind of street hookers in Thailand Street. On Sukhumvit Road/ Soi 4 in Bangkok or on Beach Road in Pattaya or on Bangla Road in Phuket.

How it works: Walk to them ask them Hi, How are you? Their name or you can just skip and ask directly How much? They are for short time and once their job is done they might come in the same stop and wait for next customer. Some girls are as appealing as beer bar girls and don’t wish to share their income with the owner, and others have been kicked out as they had stolen or contracted with sexual diseases – so extra careful and use a condom.

Prices: Approx 800 to 1000 Baht for short span of time and 1500 Baht for longer duration.


Yes, you heard it right, blow job bars are new trend in Thailand.
How it works: Go in this bar chose the girl you wish to get suck your dick and you can sip in beer. And in case you get excited you can take the girl upstairs which are separated by curtains and have more privacy. It is a great experience as you can listen other girls sucking their customers. Blow and go are hugely popular among travelers.

Prices: Approx 700 to 800 Baht for blow job and Beer will cost you around approx 120 Baht

Have a great fun in Thailand

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