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Top 9 Places that have elicit sexual tourism!!

These places are a “must-do” if you made a list of places to get prostitutes. Although prostitution is legal in few places, no brothels or third parties can make money off of said prostitutes, they are only able to earn it for themselves or freelance if you wish.

1. Thailand has a city called Pattaya and that it is termed as the sex capital of the world. It is because it is a sex worker’s paradise. It is a fact,there is someone that will sell you sex on every square foot of thailand city.

2. Costa Rica is rising to the top as one of the best destinations for sex. 10% of all tourists that go to Costa Rica are purely for the sex. But what makes Costa Rica so special for sex? Is it the girls or sex is cheap? The talent? Well, one should be thankful to the United States actually, because prostitution is illegal in the U.S. Irony is, 80% of the sex workers in Costa Rica are immigrants from the U.S.

3. Kenya has legal prostitution officially in the world but the difference lies that women are coming to Kenya to get it from the locals versus men coming purely to a destination for women. What an interesting turn,right? There is even a name for it, Mzungu, is what women are termed who come to have sex with locals is called in Kenya.

4. Japan is one of the best tourist stops for people around the world. Just imagine what the sex tourism is like. In Japan foreign men are not that much welcome most of the time due to few factors that lead the women to find them undesirable to work along. Foreign men tend to be more rough and tough, have a different odor, and there is also a language barrier that scares most the women.

5. The Philippines. Here it is illegal for prostitution, however it still happens behind the scenes, in massage parlors, brothels, and so on and so forth. Demand and supply go hand in hand. People will find a way to sell sex no matter what the cost because they know that it sells. This is the unfortunate fate of sex tourism out here. The main point is to get people to come to The Philippines is the propaganda of sex tourism & how there is such a world of sex workers and pleasure. Yes, this may draw the people in but sometimes things may not go as it is planned.

6. Indonesia Though prostitution is illegal in Indonesia there is always a room around the system. Sadly, due to its in demand for sex child sex trafficking is quite rampant. One needs to be careful where you decide to tour because you might end up in a not so great situation. “Indonesia is known for its online sex forums & prostitution that rings that exist only through social media.” You can do everything on the internet, even schedule sex with the desired partner.

7. Spain not only has fine red wine,bull fighting and tomatino festival, it has legal prostitution. The red light district in Spain is a quite loud & festive part of town where you can find many men and women to do sexy things for a price obviously If you are planning a self indulgent vacation, this maybe the perfect spot for you.

8. Brazil you might go for the soccer but stay there for the sex. In Brazil it is legal to sell sex or term it as prostitution. Brazil is already known for loud parties & beautiful skinny women so it makes sense that the voluptuous women of Brazil would have a nice red light district. “Numerous travelers head to these red-light districts in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza” for purely having fun.

9. Haiti has so many brothels. Although a very poor country overall, the sex workers have a decent wage because of the demand in sex workers. Poverty out here is drawing the women to prostitution because they can make a nice livable wage by doing something they already would be doing just with more men.
All of these countries have their own unique spin but most importantly they all have sex for sale for a price.

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