Want to feel horny and sexy again, play these games to bring that spark in your marriage life. Once you are married, you are well aware that it’s not possible to keep that sex passion alive throughout the night. Better take a clue, from these games to bring sex back in action in your life. Try these games and soon find your partner as horny like never before.


List down five dark and secret fantasies of yours in five individual different pieces of paper. Fold them up and put them in a bowl. Allow your partner to do the same. Shuffle the chits of paper & pick one of it, talk about the fantasy. Need not focus on having sex post reading it.

Let the lights turn off and under the sheets, discuss why you or your partner likes that sexual fantasy & what exactly stimulates each other about it. If your partner describes his dark and secret fantasy, just listen & run your hands along their body. Before you would even realise, both of you will be really turned on. Just thumb rule, the darker the sexual fantasies, the more aroused both of you will feel.

2. Dirty questions. Lie down in bed besides each other and ask each other a few dirty questions. In start you might feel little awkward, but trust me it’ll only take a question or two to light up both your eyes with lust. And you might not be thinking of sex, just the right questions & both of you will be wrapped in each other arms.

3. Role playing. Role playing is great fun regardless of the characters you choose. The guy will pretend to be the doctor, and the girl will act as patient who’s come to the doctor’s clinic. Ask your partner to lie down on the bed fully covered and act like you’re examining them. Look for some excuses to touch the patient, & undress the patient in perception of examination. You can also be blindfolded to make the experience feel more realistic. Thumb rule, Characters should be such which makes you arouse.

4. Strip questions. Like Strip poker with a little twist, instead of playing it with cards, ask personal questions. If you ask your partner a question and they get it wrong, they need to sip a shot of alcohol & strip one piece of clothing. If you want to make it more funny, wear old clothes while playing the game. And instead of taking one piece of clothing, whenever the partner answers wrong, the other partner will tear one piece of cloth.

5. Horny truth/dare. Both can play this game and all you need is bottle to spin on the floor and ask the question to whom bottle gets pointed out. It’s so much sexier & hornier when you have another couple to play this game along with you as friends. Ask them to come over for a night, or on a vacation. Try this game and you will horny for many many months.

6. Sexy dice. Simple and easy game, if you want fun in bed without being creative. Grab up a pair of sexy dice from an adult shop near your vicinity. Or make two sets of notes, one set with names of different parts of the body, and another set of notes with different actions/things to do. It’s great for starters into the world of sex and safe bet.

7. The sexy walk and drive. Do you get turned on easily when your partner does something naughty on a vacation? This game is for you. The girl wears a thin t shirt without her bra. And the guy wears a rather short pair of shorts or pants without any underwear. Both need to take a short drive around the house, or even step out of the car and take a short walk together. By the time you reach home, you will be horny like never before!!

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