Will tell you more about the sex scene in Delhi. Delhi is the upcoming metropolitan area which has Old and New Delhi. Its one of the most popular tourist destinations around 2.3 million visitors every year. For business travellers, it is a gateway to many international tourists. Delhi is well equipped with bars, restaurants and clubs. Let’s go through adult industry in Delhi.

In India, prostitution is partially legalised as it takes place in private residencies and it doesn’t contravene any law as trafficking or underage sex. Sex is cheap, prostitution in India is a profitable market & has a worth over $8.4 billion each year, making it the 7th largest in the world. There are few red light areas where brothels can be seen. The best for brothels is Kolkatta. The majority of these workers are Indian but few are from Sri Lanka and neighbouring countries.

It is difficult to say the correct figure of sex workers in Delhi but conservative estimates place the figure is between 50,000 and 200,000. Lastly, with prostitutes across much of South Asia, condoms are not widely used and the rate of HIV infection is high.

Brothels though illegal can be found in GB Road, they are low on hygiene point of view. the price for sex at a brothel is as low as $5 at any given location.

Swinging Clubs
this is not so popular in India as it is in Europe or Australia. Get to find polyamorous couples to hook up with is a case of using well established forums & online websites and there are quite a few that cover swinging in Delhi to start you off with.

Delhi NCR Facebook Group
Swingers Hub
The Adult Hub
Red Hot Pie

Massage Parlours
It has hundreds of massage parlours which has modern spas that offer erotic massages to small parlours that will give you a rub and tug for a few dollars. Some will give you happy endings whereas others will provide more sensual treatments.
The larger salons can charge approx. $150 for an hour. This is strange & you should expect to pay around $30 for an hour’s treatment which offers happy ending.

Strip Clubs
This is illegal in Delhi and one may not find lap dancing or pole dance like in South East Asia. There are few venues will run but offer poor quality and its a tourist scam so be safe. Many have been closed as community backlash from the society.
The closest to offer is strip experience in Delhi by an escort for a private performance or heading to one of the dance clubs and get close to freelance prostitute.

Street Light Areas and Prostitutes
It is renamed in 1995 as Swami Shradhanand Marg and by the residents termed as GB Road. This area is home for most of the city’s brothels & street hookers. The area does not compare to any red-light areas you will be used to in the west, or other parts of Asia. GB Road is a quite dirty part of Delhi and there is a lot of poverty, crime and sexually transmitted disease here.

Most of the brothels will welcome foreigners but let me warn you that many are less hygienic.

Sex Shops
They are not common in India and people prefer to buy sex toys online, as it has privacy in place. Few places which offer sex toys like Ghaffar Market, Sarojini Nagar, Palika Bazar and Crawford Market. We don’t know the standard of these toys or if they find they are shoddy in any way after you have completed the sale.
It is advisable to prefer reputable sex shop.

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