We all have 50 shades of grey in all of us and with all this curiosity, allow me to list few places which can fulfil your desires. Just make sure you have the access to kinky hotels to have beautiful memories.

1. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: Las Vegas, NV
You can’t consider kinky hotels without forgetting Sin City. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is known to bring out party animal in you along with their sexy room service menu, they do hope to party back in their rooms. Guests will find the menu secretly wrapped around their pillow upon arrival. Intimate items like peek-a-boo bras, fuzzy handcuffs, feather whips and vibrating panties can be ordered for a night of sultry sinning. All the items are delivered in disguise so no one is aware what you are opting for.

2. Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square: Toronto, Canada
This playful hotel lies in the heart of downtown Toronto, where the sport & entertainment cities. It moves from the Air Canada Centre. Each guest room boasts a massive, huge photo of an athlete there exactly above the bed. You will find in the bathrooms, a sultry glass rainfall shower facing directly in the room, so you can enjoy the view beautiful view outside. Here take a notch to a massive circular king size bed is draped in 100% Egyptian cotton for a sleeping or other way you wish to utilise your holidays.

3. Hedonism II: Negril, Jamaica
All-inclusive resort is great for couples at all stages of their relationship. Did you hear about the Prude Pool, where guests wear swimsuits and enjoy in hot tub of water. Hedonism has a private nude beach where you can have fun & sunbath sans swimsuit. At Hedonism, alcohol flows from every nook and corner.

4. The Standard Spa: Miami Beach, FL
This is pure adults-only property in South Beach area which is less hotel & more spa retreat for grown-ups looking to get unwind. The Standard Spa will be known for its extensive 50 plus treatment services & relaxation spaces. Grab a Turkish Hamam Rub & Scrub with your special someone, to unwind in the co-ed steam room. Afterwards just relax with a cocktail in hand at the topless pool, where you’re sure to see lots of boobs & no kids.

5. Cove Haven Resort, Poconos
Cove Haven is romantic and best hotels in the Poconos by Entertainment Resorts. Round beds, bubbling whirlpools and floor-to-ceiling windows these rooms are equipped with. However, it is the Champagne Tower Suite which really puts this resort on the map.

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