Single men generally opt for a great sex vacation to free oneself of the daily stuffs that control their life at home and in most of the common cases, kill men’s desire to achieve heights.

It allows men to enjoy a place & experience woman as per your terms and conditions. It gives you immense time to meet appealing women as per your requirement & go enjoy the flow during your holidaying vacation.

As you have made the first effort into enjoying the sex vacations world as a single man, your brain might be perplexed with questions like:

Which place I should opt for?
Should everything in advance needs to be booked?
How can I meet sexy women for fun?
I will answer all your queries, one by one.

Over the past 6 years, my article has helped more than 1.500 men around the world to have good fun in Asia. So, don’t worry it will be of great help to you.
Since we aren’t strangers anymore, let’s start with the advantages of solo traveling.

Sex Holidays activates your Hormones & free your mind from the tension.
Every stage of life one need to be a single traveller it can be a free ticket to freedom.

We all know what Solo Travel has to offer:

Sense of complete freedom;
No need to compromise on anything;
Your set your own time table;
You get to do what you want to do and plan accordingly;
But it means much more… Singles vacations should be an answer to all the unique challenges experienced at different span of life. According to me, having sex with local women is an essential as well as enriching experience. But, it is not that simple, even for those who travel frequently.

Allow me to share these tips about planning a successful solo vacation to date & have sex with appealing Asian women.

How to Plan a Sex Vacation as a Single Man
Going for solo sex vacations in exotic countries wherein sensual women are the norm, it’s a beautiful feeling.
This is a reality in Asia. You can come across as many beautiful women as you can handle, totally dedicated for your own pleasure. Have sex with multiple women, get a feel of threesome or may be trying out a ladyboy are just a few examples.

What you like & want to do during a sex vacation is your dark SECRET. Just imagine being yourself without being judgmental by others: no family, friends or co-workers any any one criticizing your actions.

There are 4 must travel tips to get an experience for complete enjoyment:

1. Be Natural!
Though it might be your first trip you take is a milestone, don’t think of trying litmus test for manhood. Get indulged in something new. Keep option open, keep dating meeting girls in a natural flow.
Take a single sex vacation is a pure journey of discovery & excitement. But it doesn’t allow you to go wild & lose control of your budget or travel goals! The utmost important thing is trying to relax & meeting different kinds of girls as per your taste and liking. The thumb rule is that it’s only the first of many adventures that you are going to experience.

2. Establish Expectations
Have clear goals & expectation before planning a trip, making sure each destination suite different kind of travellers, offer various services & provide unique experiences.

3. Trust Everyone and at the same time No One
Single men in vacation wish to meet new people, especially many hot girls. This exposes them to dangers. It’s okay to hang out, travel & share experiences with new friends.

Bar girls and ladyboys are well known for stealing from tourist whenever the opportunity arises. Whenever hotel room provides you with a safe, use it.

4. Trust your Gut.
While the entire aim of these solo men is to travel & discover on their own terms while getting laid with beautiful women, remember you need to trust your gut. Even if the situation is so good to be true, like a beautiful girl smiling at you, don’t be scared to approach and have a word with her.

You may come across situations wherein you get like a hooker that offers to sleep with you for free or sleeping with temporary girlfriend who wishes to go for unprotected sex as you have started liking her. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Experience is utmost important in compare to destination. When you’re not used to solo traveling, you’re already moving out of your comfort zone. It is important that your sex destination is one that makes you comfortable. However, picking up a destination isn’t equally important as to meet the “right” girls before your sex vacation.

Once you meet the right girl, the destination will reveal itself. After all, you are planning to visit her home country. That’s the reason why, I never go for a sex holiday without working on a list of quality girls before my trip. One of the common mistakes solo travelers make is that they don’t build the bond of sexual relationship with the ladies before they plan to travel.

They go to a destination in the hope to meet girls willing to give them the best time of their life. They hope to meet a beautiful woman. Wish to get laid! So all lies in HOPE!!

Sorry, hope will not be termed as plan!!

If you want to have best experiences, then one must plan ahead of your vacation by attracting the RIGHT girls. Then develop a mutual interest and Bond among you guys.

Here’s how it needs to be done:
Firstly, fetch a reputable Asian dating site to get in touch with local girls:
If you don’t know which country to visit just yet, but you want to get a better idea about the girls, consider using Asian Dating Application. You’ll be able to girls from all over Asia. Let’s focus on your dream woman. Answer these simple questions to figure it out:

What type of experience do you desire?
What type of girls suits your desires?
What should be her tentative age?
Simple, right?

After answering above questions, you’ll have a much clear picture of your dream girl…
Let’s chat about building a relationship of trust & physical attraction so the girls will look forward for your arrival in their home country. No woman wants to have sex with a man that they she hardly knows, except for the hookers. Make sure to invest some evening interacting with the girls you meet online with a genuine interest in knowing them and in this process, she will start knowing you too. By this approach, you will build trust and mutual attraction which make it easier to get laid once you plan to meet in real life.

Be clear about your intentions. Don’t be scared She is on the dating site because she is looking to date a man either for a short/long term relationship. Just by being open & clear in your approach, you are making sure that when the correct girls come across, they will surely stick around you. No matter what you’re looking for out of your next solo vacation, there is always a place you can go comfortably.

So, pack the bare necessities and jump on a plane in the name of erotic pleasure. Purely your call whether you enjoy the ride with only one girl or multiple encounters of girls.

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