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Looking for information when it to sex scene in Mumbai. Even if it not capital, being the financial city with the population of around 22 million in urban area. It is larger than Norway, Denmark and many other countries. It is one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

In Mumbai, prostitution is semi legal and you can pay for sex as it will take place in private places as it involves minors, coercion. It is illegal to run a brothel in Mumbai but in few places it still goes on. In India, sex market is huge with over $8.4 billion per year; the seventh largest prostitution market in the world.

The price of sex is in varied numbers. There are many migrated workers who are separated from their wives and families, the rates are as low as a few dollars where as other escorts in the city can charge many hundreds of dollars.

There are two ways to pay for sex either opt for escort or illegal brothel. There are few massage parlours, dance bars and massage plus slum brothels where sex is very cheap.

Get in the services of a lower-class call girl who may not be fluent in good English but ready for anything in the bedroom. You get what you pay for so your budget is everything.

Many international hotels don’t allow prostitute in the rooms as it is illegal. You will need to be very careful & book an escort according to the environment you are staying in or opt for a service where you can meet at a hotel where the hotel management allow prostitution on visit

Some escorts in Mumbai have in-call service so you can go directly to them.

There are, thousands of agencies which are running in Mumbai and given a list which have a good reputation & choice across a range of budgets.

1. Mumbai Beauties

One of the premium escort services in Mumbai which offers variety of girls to choose from be it Thai, Indian or European. They have few selection like Bengali celebrities, Punjabi girls and so on. A 2 hour costing will start from across 15,000 INR or $230.

2. Viva Street

They provide women for an hour and its one of the premium agencies in Mumbai. They generally have pale skin including European or South Asian Girls. They have in call and out call services. Rates start at approx 10,000 INR ($153) per hour and if you want full night which will include additional travel expenses.

3. The Pleasure

It is one of elite agencies for escort in Mumbai. They have a large variety to chose from be it actresses, call girls, models, foreign girls. Rates will start at around 6,000 INR ($92) for two hours & go up to 25,000 INR ($382)on the basis of class & calibre of escort you choose.

They have a good reputation for servicing foreign visitors to the city & the quality of the girls will be seen on their website photos.

4. Pink Lips

They offer variety of services like blow job, foreplay, one hour, Two Hour. For Two hours it charges around Rs. 15000 for two hours.

5. Euro Girls Escorts

With around 380 escorts to be choosen from, this international directory service is a respected place to book call girls from anywhere. They have an excellent search facility where you can filter the choices down by age, physical attributes and rates.

The majority of women on the site are charging around $150 to $300 per hour but they also have some budget & premium options available too.

Working in a brothel is illegal in India yet you can find plenty of these kinds of establishments in Mumbai. They are low in quality that are operated from apartments & high-rise flats & dance clubs/bars offering services of sex workers in back rooms. It is commonly Known as ‘cages’ or ‘welcome’ brothels, where you will find some of these in the old right light district of Kamathipura, Maharashtra as well as on the Falkland Road and Grant Road.

It’s not that popular in Mumbai but you can find gangbangs & sex parties taken place in private residences by meeting with other like-minded couples using popular swingers forums & websites.

The best site to use is Mumbai Swingers although Adult Friend Finder, & Swingers India all have great coverage in the city.

There are places in Mumbai where you can get a sensual massage and happy endings. The best port is to take local newspaper is to book after about 11am. It’s not free but it will cost you around $0.10. They offer more than back rub and you can often get a good erotic massage.

Some operate like brothels where you can choose a girl from a line up where you take whoever is available. Not all of the girls will speak good English.

It is illegal in India but you will find some venues around the city that do have strippers performing though these are generally low-class establishments. Generally these scams are common out here.

If you are keen on having a strip experience, then you can always hire an escort which gives you a personal service.

Known as Kamathipura is Mumbai’s famous red-light since 1900s, it still attracts street prostitutes and pimps.
Road called as Cursetji Shuklaji Street in Grant Road East area is thought to be safer. Please, don’t expect the lane to be a sophisticated area; the red-light areas of India are not like those as you will find in Europe with legitimate adult venues.

The best of these being at Fort & Flora Fountain in South Mumbai where a regular market attracts vibrator, dildo and condom sellers in abundance. You can come across more unusual gadgets & accessories but, largely, you will not find anything which you can’t get online.



Hometown of Romance there is no other place like it. It is also termed as a shining beacon of art, food, fashion, and sophistication. The question is, Is Paris Safe? It is being ranked as Number 97 of the world violent cities. Paris remains a relatively safe destination, recent high-profile terror attacks, stabbings & mass shootings.

Kindly know where you are planning to stay and which places avoid going. Certain neighbourhoods in Paris more prone to gang activity, hate crimes, and prostitution. Avoid going in these areas.
Protect yourself from Pick pocketers. This is quite rampant prevailing in this city, don’t be surprised if you get ripped off.
Though you have certain Red-Light Areas be careful when it comes to human trafficking and drug deals.

As mentioned earlier, pick pocketers are quite common in this city. These are there in popular tourist sites, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Montmartre, and the Champs-Élysées. They are all over metro be it under age 17 and can b women too. They often work in groups one member of the team will distract a tourist with questions or a disturbance while the other one will concentrate on pick pocketing.

When it comes to Taxis, don’t get boarded in unmarked ones. It should have words like TAXI PARISIEN,” which lets you know it’s official and maintained well. Don’t travel in unauthorized travellers there at the airports.
In case of any emergency situation in Paris, Dial 17 to reach city police or 112 to contact Europe’s emergency response number.

The red-light area in Paris is Quartier Pigalle. It is a fact that Travelers in France now that prostitution is illegal in Paris and one can be punished by law if caught by any sex worker. Pigalle is not generally when it comes to the tourist track.
After dark Bois de Boulogne avoid going to this place. At night, it turns to be outdoor brothel, where prostitutes occupy many of the benches, waiting for clients to turn up.

If you stay away from prostitutes, keep your belongings safe, your trip to France is likely to be perfectly safe.

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