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I am sure you might have been shocked when you must have read the Title. Allow me to explain what is Instagram Prostitution? There is a slight loop hole to it which no one talks about.

Instagram was much cleaner before it was being bought by Facebook. There are no questions on content being uploaded. Now a days, any kid who has a smart phone can go through thousands of accounts that post soft porn.

You must have checked few groups which has girls in skimpy clothes or a model who generally posts thongs and Bra pictures to get more followers on her page.

It kept me wondering, from where these models get so much money. Considering flight tickets and her GUCCI Handbag? Have you noticed she posts her picture solo as if no one is around her?
There is reason for it. Allow me to enter in the world of Instagram Prostitution.

The agencies and models have been talked before making this article so it is a fact and not a mere hypocrisy.

These kinds of models are booked to elevate the vibe of a party with their beautiful presence. It makes host look good and assumption there are pretty girls around. It has a lot of money involved. Its common in many foreign countries.
Many a times, its only booked for a particular guy/girl or to go on a date with older man and they cost you around $100-200. This is popular in Las Vegas.

This is the most kind of prostitution. A guy will go through it and the most attractive of the lot. He might ask for the specific dates for the party or for the luxurious trip wherein travelling expenses will be borne by him. Rates are comparatively high from $2,000 – $10,000, sometimes higher. It takes place in Dubai or Bali. Everything takes place on watsapp. If any guy is asking for sexual favors that will be charged extra. Many models travel in a private jet when each trip is being paid

They might be having six figure what they might be earning. They will be tied up with agencies wherein their profiles are selected for high end clients. To clear my point, there are hundreds of legitimate bloggers and influencers who make a living traveling and creating content for hotels and brands in exchange for complimentary stay or free food. Those are not the people I’m talking about. How to know the difference? The borderline pornographic content they post. These pages are completely of sexual graphics which are their advertisements. Go through their portfolio and you will have a clear picture.

Instagram is a great tool to post pictures and sharing with friends and family. But at the same time, it has created room for legitimate sex for purely money and generating content in that manner as it is said ‘CONTENT IS KING’.

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