Surf Holiday In Srilanka? Herein Are The Pro Tips

Surf in Sri Lanka is basically varied with great sand breaks for beginners on 4-foot waves and a few really intense reef breaks that even professionals would have tons of fun on. I’m getting to share the highest places that you’d want to prevent at during your surf holiday in Sri Lanka, but first, you would like to understand the way to get around. The simplest thanks to have an excellent surf trip and economize is to rent a car and board, and take them along side you instead of renting a board at each new location. You’ll even buy a board and sell it back. You’ll rent cars at the Colombo airport, and there are options for designs that might hold a surfboard on top.

It’s an honest idea to form friends with the locals in order that they can assist you get good deals. You’ll offer them a touch cash to assist you out. The tourist prices here are much above what they ought to be. You’ll also want to organize with some knowledge of local hospitals near the breaks you’re at. those we visited didn’t have lifeguards. We actually needed a hospital as there was an injury in our group and it had been 20 minutes via rickshaw down a mud path to a really rural government hospital where they did stitches. Confirm you usually have transportation available just in case of any incident. Also, keep some drinking water as some breaks don’t have shops nearby. Wear sunscreen also.

When to surf
On the West Coast, you’ll want to surf from November to March while on the East Coast, the timings are May through September. There are more tourists from April to October, especially in Arugam Bay and therefore the East Coast, therefore the water is going to be a touch more crowded. there’s no real season in Sri Lanka, and therefore the waves are usually just good fun, nothing too serious. Confine mind you won’t want to move around too quickly. Waves are always the foremost fun once you get the texture of them, so attempt to keep 2-3 days for every place while planning. It’s okay to wear a bikini in Sri Lanka but it’s easier if you wear a top over it, and for men, wearing a T-shirt may be a little easier as protection from the board and therefore the sun. You don’t need a wetsuit because the water is usually warm.

Best surf spots

Beginner’s waves
Weligama boasts the right wave for beginners. it’s a beach break and is basically safe to find out on. Midigama may be about an equivalent as Weligama and is a hot spot for surfers. they’re on the western coast of Sri Lanka . You’ll go there from the top of October to early April. As you’ll tell, the seasons here are quite unusual due to the high rainfall and therefore the incontrovertible fact that it gets monsoon from each side. At any given time in Sri Lanka, there’s somewhere to surf. confine mind, as a beginner you would like to rent an extended board—the longer the better! You’ll want a minimum of 8 or 9 feet. Not all places will have an extended board rental.

Anyone can try these waves
One of the foremost popular spots is Arugam Bay, which may be a point break right and it’s okay for everybody to travel out and check out on. Whisky Point and Elephant Rock are just near here and are an equivalent sort of waves and also are okay for beginners. This is often on the East Coast and is taken into account the mecca of surfing. It gets very crowded by Sri Lankan standards, but compared to the breaks round the world, it’s not that crowded with a maximum of 70 people within the water. There are often surfing contests hosted here.

Hikkaduwa and Mirissa are reef breaks, but are literally okay even for beginners to travel try. These are really popular spots in Sri Lanka to surf and shouldn’t be missed. Hikkaduwa is that the centre of surfing on the West Coast and is additionally a fun place to remain at for every week approximately and hang around with other travellers during a surf holiday.

Experienced only
Unawatuna Bay is sand and rock, and although categorised as ‘for experienced only’, I felt it had been actually quite small and doubtless okay for a beginner too. It’s up to you to require a glance and choose yourself. Devil Rock and Kingfisher also are pretty popular reef-breaks that you simply should attend if you already skills to surf.

Pro level
Coral Garden may be a reef-break that only the simplest of the simplest should attempt!. There are more breaks to list than these, but presumably you won’t have the time to try to even all of those. It’s best to only choose a couple of and add in little ones as you go. you would possibly even see some waves while driving along the coast. Having a board with you and your own rental car make it fun and straightforward to leap out whenever you would like to surf! You’ll pack a tent also and camp along the beach. Most of those breaks have shops and shacks within 10 minutes of them where you’ll find guesthouses, food, cold beverages and other travellers.

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