Destinations Outside India For A Perfect Honeymoon Trip

Not everyone has the posh of an enormous budget to spend on a honeymoon. Although that being said, every newly marriage would want to possess an honest honeymoon at a stunning destination.

To help those couples that are on a budget plan a tremendous honeymoon, we’ve done tons of research to return up with this list of wonderful cheap honeymoon destinations outside India. we’ve listed all the amazing places that couples can head to on a romantic honeymoon on a budget. Have a glance at the places and note them down.

Best Budget Places for a Honeymoon in Asia
1. Indonesia

Bali might an upscale place for a honeymoon, if you are doing a touch of designing and research, you’ll find that there are other islands in Indonesia that are budget friendly for honeymoons.

On these islands, here are many budget accommodations available between Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 5,000 a room. Air fare will cost you around Rs, 40,000 and eating out isn’t that expensive too.

Visa: Visa is out there on arrival in Indonesia for a price of Rs. 2,000.
Things to Do: Romantic drives, Thai massages, beach activities, swimming, exploring the islands on boat.
Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs.46,000

2. Vietnam

Vietnam may be a nice place for a honeymoon for couples on a budget. Flights to Vietnam from India are fairly reasonable if you book beforehand, you’ll tickets for around Rs.25,000.

When you compare Vietnam to its luxury counterparts, the place is sort of reasonable for travel and delight. Honeymooners will find accommodation reasonable too, rooms are often rented for as little as Rs. 2,000 an evening.

Visa: Visa is out there on arrival in Bali for a price of Rs. 2,000.
Things to Do: Boat rides in Hoi An, Explore Ho Chi Minh, Camping at the Phong Nha Ke Bang park
Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 44,000

3. Nepal

The best part about travelling to Nepal is that flight isn’t the sole option you’ve got, you’ll pass train and even by road. Visa aren’t required for Indians, you’ll be saving on Visa fares.

In general, Nepal may be a budget-friendly place for a vacation and a honeymoon is not any different. There’s plenty to try to in Nepal, especially outdoor stuff.

Trekking, adventure sports and exploring are the highest things to try to to in Nepal. Hotels are reasonable and people who are really on a decent budget can choose homestays that are cheap. A honeymoon in Nepal can cost you anything between Rs. 30,000 – 75,000.

Visa: Visa isn’t required for Indian citizens, but you are doing got to show a legitimate Indian passport
Things to Do: Visit cultural sites in Kathmandu. Shopping in Nepal, Trekking at Nagarkot
Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 35,000

4. Bhutan

A serene and calm place, the ambiance and atmosphere is Bhutan is right for a honeymoon at budget rates. The country is found on the brink of India and flights here are pretty reasonable.

The other thanks to get to Bhutan is by road. On a mean you’ll spend a minimum of Rs.30,000 on your honeymoon here, this includes airfare, hotel rentals and travelling in Bhutan.

There are many things to try to to in Bhutan for couples and one among the simplest things is getting lost in nature in each other’s company. Explore the green meadows and peaks as you rekindle your love.

Visa: you are doing not need a visa, but you would like to hold a legitimate Indian Passport and an card , issued by the committee of India.,
Things to Do: Visit cultural sites in Kathmandu. Shopping in Nepal, Trekking at Nagarkot
Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 38,000

5. Cambodia

Cambodia could be known for its temples, but the place is sweet for a honeymoon. Besides being favourable weather wise, the place is additionally an excellent option for those on a budget.

Airfares cost between 25k-30k and hotels accommodations are reasonable too. Expect to spend around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 for every week long trip to Cambodia.

Visa: you’ll apply for a Visa at the Cambodian Embassy. Visas to Cambodia cost $40.
Things to try to to in Cambodia: Visit the Angkor temples, continue a nature trail and explore the gorgeous natural and scenic spots in Cambodia, Go Kayaking, Trekking and visit the Monkey Forest.
Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 45,000
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