The Idyllic Romantic Honeymoon In Goa

Imagine embarking on a visit to Goa together with your beloved . A walk on what was once a Portuguese colony are touted to form your day. Sip a sangria together with your partner as you soak the summer heat sitting on the ocean shores. it’d sound sort of a far-fetched, expensive dream but you could not be farther from the reality – Goa has something for everybody.

Here are belongings you should do on your romantic honeymoon in Goa!
1. Walk hand-in-hand amidst the Portuguese colonies
Goan-Portuguese colony

The Portuguese widely influence the Goan architecture. Wood detailing on the doors and windows, the gorgeous gardens and beaches are what Goan scenery is all about. They’re sure to make your walk cosy and share a flash together with your beloved . Grab some flip flops, sunglasses, a chilly beer and head out! it’s a flash to cherish and can ring in your memory for a lifetime.

2. Visit the Goan Churches
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa
Churches in Goa go back as early because the 16th century. the foremost famous church, Basilica of Bom Jesus, may be a UNESCO World Heritage site. With domes, neo-gothic structure, ornaments and spirals every church is an architectural marvel. a flash of silence and blessings here is a superb starting to a stunning marriage.
Some churches to visit: Basilica of Bom Jesus (Known for the remains of St. Francis of Assisi), Immaculate Conception Church, St. Antony’s Church, St. Andrew’s church, Mae De Deus Church

3. Enjoy beach time together with your partner in crime
Ever watched the films and wondered if your summer vacay will end up this great? Well, Goa’s got you and this point together with your partner by your side. Goa is understood for the gorgeous beaches that provide nothing in need of an incredible day. they need all of your needs covered in terms of food, locals are there cooking sumptuous fish, crabs and prawns. a chilly beer on a hammock will do the deed. to feature to the enjoyment, you’re keen on birds could occupy a shocking beach shack so you’ll ditch spending on luxury hotels to enjoy an unfettered ocean view.
Famous beaches in Goa: Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Palolem, Candolim, Morjim, Vagator

4. Get wet at Dudhsagar
Dudhsagar falls, Goa
Dreaming of Niagras and Yosemite, Dudhsagar is here for a profound experience. Situated 60kms from Goa this four-tiered waterfall has white waters surrounded by forests. Perched on the Western Ghats, the monsoon lets the raged water trickle down from 1017 feet, which is an absolute sight to ascertain. January – May is that the best time to be here, and there are natural pools around it if you’re up for a swim!
How to get there: Several private operators offer special trips to the Waterfalls and therefore the tours operated by GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corp.) and they even have Dudhsagar Waterfalls together of the tours stops.

5. Explore the nightlife

After attending a gazillion parties together with your friends, imagine partying together with your beloved. How good must the atmosphere be to line the mood for you both? Goa takes care of it – a mixture of live banging music, exotic cocktails and fine liquor, great food and an unbeatable view of the beach.

6. Goan Food
Seafood Platter

Beach shacks are just an example of how good the food is. Wait till you experience their truest delicacies – a melange of Konkan, Portuguese and Arabic influences! Coconut, vinegar, chilli, cashew , guava, pineapple, tomato and potato all adorn their dishes and convince be flavourful and consider the palette.
Must-try: Pork vindaloo, prawn kishmur, prawn curry rice, bebinca (a layered dessert made with eggs and coconut milk)

Above all visit the Goan bakeries! they need such a lot to supply to the planet of favourite local pieces of bread include Uned (small, round and crispy breakfast rolls), Pao (round buns) and Pui (flat, pancake-like rolls).
Must visit: The oldest bakery in Goa – Confeitaria31 De Janeiro

7. Water sports

Adventure is at its peak on this coast. Grab your love and head bent the shore! it is often fun to find out and experiment together with your bae and even better if it’s water sports.
Windsurfing at the Dona Paula bay near Panjim
Parasailing to urge a germander speedwell view of the coast
The Baga beach features a beautiful shoreline with colourful fauna and flora
Catamaran sailing courses and activities at Palolem beach
Snorkelling – INR 1500 for 1 hr
Rafting at Valpoi river

8. Luxury hotels and resorts
Resorts – Goa

Where you spend your nights on a honeymoon leaves an etching mark. Whether it’s a luxury hotel, a high-end resort or a shack by the beach, Goa has pocket-friendly options for you to settle on. A bottle of Champagne for the night, soft pillows and a comfortable bed, luscious bath, fragrant lavenders within the room… let the honeymoon bells ring!
Luxury Hotels in Goa: Doubletree by Hilton, Goa Marriott resort and spa, Baywatch resort, Santana Resort, Sugarplum Macedo Palms

          Why run to a different country, when Goa is there to hide all of your needs! With the proper combination of things to try, your honeymoon in Goa are often unforgettable.

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