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Month Wise Complete Honeymoon Planner (July To December)

Where to travel on Honeymoon in July
Once again Europe is popular, but be careful for severe heatwaves across Spain, Italy and Greece. For something different head to Indonesia, with an equatorial climate you recognize it’ll be hot and you’ll enjoy the cool sea breezes. In Peru and Bolivia the rains stop, giving thanks to lovely sunny days, it are often still a touch chilly though, so not the simplest choice if you are looking for warmth. If you wish the good outdoors, then head to the National Parks in America like Yosemite, where you’ll climb, even to high altitudes, without fear about really cold temperatures.

The best places to go:
Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Peru, Bolivia, America

To be avoided:
Louisiana are extremely popular and humid, Senegal, where there heat waves are amid heavy downpours, almost bound to spoil your stay. Parts of Asia should also to be avoided at this point because it remains the monsoon season.

Where to travel on Honeymoon in August
You can’t fail with the Mediterranean coasts of Europe in August with sunny days and beaches a ‘plenty. Croatia is glorious and if you’re into music there is a wealth of music festivals to settle on from in historic settings. South Africa  and Peru and Tibet are both great for hiking (or pure relaxation).

The best places to go:
Europe, South Africa, Peru & Tibet

To be avoided:
Asia is at the peak of its monsoon season with the exceptions of Kerala or Tamil Nadu in India, Bali and therefore the southern islands of Indonesia. Northern America also can be extremely hot. Hurricane season will get underway within the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Where to travel on Honeymoon in September
Europe is cooler but if you continue to want sun on the brink of home, then Portugal, Greece and Croatia are good bets – it is the perfect time for a city break too, in London, Paris, Berlin, Dublin or Amsterdam. In Africa, Zimbabwe is in its season offering ideal temperatures of around 27°C with cooler nights. Namibia is additionally in its winter period and is therefore dry and sunny. It is a blast to go to northern Africa where the temperatures aren’t too hot – a tremendous option for wildlife and scenery. America is once more an honest option with the acute heat gone also because the majority of tourists. New England is gorgeous in early fall. Likewise it is a great time to go to the center East, China and Japan.

The best places to go:
Portugal, Croatia, Africa, America, Jordan, China, Japan.

To be avoided:
The Caribbean, Central America and parts Asia are often susceptible to hurricanes at this point of year. There could also be flooding in Cambodia and Laos.

Where to travel on Honeymoon in October
Africa, Egypt, Madagascar and South Africa are all experience pleasant climates at this point of year. In America, visit the southern states or New England , where the temperatures are pleasant and therefore the pace of life relaxed. Argentina has hot, dry weather immediately and it is a great time to ascertain the wildlife. For guaranteed sun that will not break the budget, try Turkey or Cyprus. Venice are going to be much less crowded than the summer yet still nice and warm. Japan is amazing at this point of year with pleasant weather and lovely autumn foliage.

The best places to go:
India, Turkey, Cyprus, Africa, Egypt, South Africa, America, Argentina, Japan, Venice.

To be avoided:
Certain areas of Thailand are going to be in typhoon season which may be quite violent. it’s also not an honest time to visit a number of the South Pacific countries like Fiji, New Guinea and therefore the north of Australia.

Where to travel on Honeymoon in November
Time for Thanksgiving in America, so for a correct cultural experience and with an enthralling winter chill head (but be warned America at this point are often hectic and opening hours will vary). Germany is that the place to travel for the Christmas markets. My picks would be Nuremberg, Munich or for a rather different angle, Berlin. To embrace winter, get your skis out and head for Aspen. For guaranteed sunshine head to Hawaii or Morocco where temperatures are within the high 20s. In Hong Kong November is “Wine & Dine Month”, with ample foodie events and offers. Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand start to chill down.

The best places to go:
New Zealand, Hawaii, Aspen, Germany, America, South America, Morocco, Belize, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand

To be avoided:
Bermuda, where it’ll be cold and windy with not an entire lot to try to to .

Where to travel on Honeymoon in December
Naturally skiing at this point of year is popular, Colorado within the US or the Pyrenees and therefore the Alps in Europe are all good picks. do not forget Lapland or Scandinavia for festive romance, also because the Christmas markets again in Germany. For an unforgettable hot vacay head to Belize, explore unspoiled Caribbean islands, reefs and tropical rainforests with world-class skin diving , sailing, fishing, hiking, great Mayan history and therefore the most understated slick resorts.

The best places to go:
Mexico, Belize, skiing destinations (check the season dates), Germany, Lapland, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand.

To be avoided:
Malaysia is mid monsoon season and every one of Eastern Europe where the climate is severe and not best suited to a vacation .

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