If You Wish To Do Scuba Diving, Andaman Is Your Place

I am someone who can’t swim but I really like the water and therefore the sea. I’d not be ready to swim but I feel I even have that reference to water and because of my friend, I can float in water after trying it everywhere from a swimming bath to the ocean, then I made a decision I would like to travel for skin diving. What better place in India than Andaman & Nicobar Islands to try to this.

For those that don’t know Andamans are floating in splendid isolation within the Bay of Bengal and are an archipelago of 572 islands, islets and rocks, stretching over a neighborhood of quite 700 km from north to south. Only 36 of those islands are inhabited. These islands are covered with dense forests and endless sort of exotic flowers and birds and once were a neighborhood of a hill range, stretching from Myanmar to Indonesia. These islands boast of rare flora and fauna, underwater marine life and corals, with crystal clear water. East of South Andaman Island may be a group of 9 emerald islands that form Ritchie’s Archipelago, of which Havelock Island is that the largest. Havelock provides idyllic resort within the lap of virgin beach and an unpolluted environment and is at the guts of all skin-diving activity and tourism within the Andaman. Located about 2-3 hours northeast of Port Blair, this is often the simplest place within the country to experience scuba and other diving activities within the country. You’ll reach Havelock from Phoenix Bay Jetty at Port Blair and a Ship takes you there

One must book the Scuba a touch beforehand to urge the simplest time and preferable day. There are a few of skin-diving companies which helps you arrange the dive. You’ll stick with them or in one among their hotels/shacks otherwise you can just book the dive with them and stay elsewhere. For beginners, we took the Discover Scuba Dive, which may be a 1 day introduction to skin diving and suitable for those limited in time or who just want to experience what diving is all about. This at some point course includes some basic, yet important theory, a couple of skills then a dive to a depth of 6-12 m max, counting on level of comfort and dive site. This is often suitable for those with none swimming experience also. Since it had been our first time we went ahead with this package.

If you’ve got some longer and would really like to urge certified to dive to a depth of 18 m or more, the dive centres offer the opposite detailed courses, involving more detailed theory, more skills and more open dives. After booking our dive we visited nearby Radhanagar Beach or Beach No. 7 which is understood to be one among the simplest beaches within the world. you’ve got to go to this place once in your lifetime.

Next morning we got up early for the dive. We were expecting today since an extended time. At 7.30 within the morning we left our huts (yes we were staying within the Huts) and reached at Andaman Bubbles Dive center. it’s paddy certified diving school. We took 1-day basic diving course. From the dive centre they took us to the training area near the beach where we got basic instructions and therefore the equipment. After wearing the garment, we had our skills honed at a shallow area before we left the diving area by boat. We had training for worst condition under water. Since we can’t talk, the hand signals were taught to be used underwater. After 25 -30 min training, we decided to enter within the fabulous underwater world.

When I entered within the deep blue sea, my remember my heartbeat increasing. It took us a couple of minutes to relax within the water. Our dive area was upto 18 m. Scuba gave us the prospect to unveil the mysteries and therefore the wonders of the underwater world. We saw everything from beautiful fishes to majestic corals. It was really an excellent experience, seeing the sweetness of sea wildlife due to the presence of the many sorts of reef fish, corals. it had been totally a special world. We passed a little fishing smack that struck the reef and sank during a storm in April 2006. It came to rest on the sandy bottom just off the reef, in 15m of water. The boat stands upright, fully intact and tilting slightly to the port side, with the roof of the wheelhouse rising up to 7m. After spending on the brink of 30-35 mins underwater and after finding heavy to breathe, I signalled my co-diver to require me to surface.

After reaching the surface, I used to be still having an adrenaline rush. If I could swim i might have taken the advanced course. I used to be so thrilled and wanted to travel again for dive.

Important Information:

Scuba Diving: At Andaman Bubbles- Rs. 3500 for the regular DSD and Rs. 3000 for the lite DSD per person + tax (negotiate and you would possibly get a far better deal)

Stay in Havelock- Emerald Gecko- Bamboo Huts Rs- 500 per night

Travel to Havelock- Ship from Portblair Rs 250. Mumbai to Portblair flights ranges from 14,000 to 20,000 return depending upon how quickly you book it and therefore the season.

Stay at Port Blair- Various hotels from Budget range to Luxury are available.

Season- We went in Feb-March and would suggest you to travel round the same time because the crowd is a smaller amount and therefore the water is good .

Other things to try to do in Andamans:

Baratang: Visit to the famous Lime stone caves and you’ll see Jarwa tribal people. excursion begins early within the morning and ends after sunset.

Cellular Jail- The renowned Kala Paani Jail where Veer Sawarkar was kept.

Jolly Buoy Island- a part of Gandhi Marine park, this is often a pleasant beach with some spectacular views of the ocean. Best place for Snorkeling or a glass boat ride.

Ross & Smith Islands: Though these are commonly mentioned as twin islands, they’re actually one island separated by a sandy stretch which makes it appear as if two separate islands.

Radhanagar Beach- referred to as one among the most important beaches in India; it’s a clean and delightful beach. it’s been ranked Asia’s 2nd most beautiful beach at some extent in time.

Chatham saw mill: This Saw Mill is one among the most important and oldest in Asia.

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