If You Are In Rishikesh, River Rafting Is A Must

Imagine a replacement year morning, the temperature is 3 degree Centigrade. You’re traversing in super cold water, the flow of river ringing in your ears and therefore the blast of chilled air makes your teeth chatter and reminds you of the road “Brace yourself winter is coming”. Occasionally your heart flutters when the rapids of the river takes you down on the other hand you’re out and you laugh out aloud at the exhilarating experience. What if I tell you alongside the high charged adrenaline experience you’ll also wash your sins…!

Now what’s so cool about rafting in river Ganga, well for starters it comes under world’s best rafting destination. The river is surrounded by mountains and greenery on each side and when the rapids aren’t making you pray for your life you’ll actually enjoy the serene beauty on each side. I had the privilege to be within the same raft, then I used to be not that worried about my raft delivering rapids. See the rapids in Ganga are ferocious). Hence one among the foremost important thing is to pick an honest rafting company once you try rafting in Ganga.

There are few tips which you’ll follow

1. Water sports is that the safest of the journey sports, as whatever goes wrong, you’ll be in water and with a life vest.
2. Your guides are experienced, and that they will lookout that you simply enjoy your trip and zip unfortunate happens. Hence trust them and follow the instructions

3. Rafting may be a sport, nobody can do a raft alone, hence it’s important to paddle as a team. Usually your guide will ask you to mimic the actions of the person sitting opposite to you, do this because it will help balance the raft

4. Hear instructions carefully, when a rapid is hard your guide will ask you to take a seat down, it’s important to try to do that otherwise you would possibly fall in water

5. If anything happens and you are doing fall in water, attempt to keep your head and spot the raft, your guide will prevent. I, usually all the rafting companies have a life guard alongside the raft who travels during a kayak to guide the raft and also prevent if anything unfortunate happens

6. Please wear sensible clothes, wearing shorts and t-shirt is ok (preferably synthetic), but wearing short skirts is certainly a nasty choice (speaking from experience of witnessing this). Avoid cotton as once you get wet it’ll make your clothes heavy

7. Apply sunscreen if you are worried about getting tanned.

8. Every raft features a dry bag, so you’ll give your wallet and phone to your raft guide and he will keep it within the dry bag

9. If you’re rafting in Ganga please dip your hand within the river and drink the water, the sensation is awesome

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